Chelsea Lazkani’s Diesel Belt (Micro-Mini) Skirt in Selling Sunset: Her Outfit in s6e5 Examined!

Bikram Karki

Chelsea Lazkani’s Diesel Belt (Micro-Mini) Skirt in Selling Sunset: Her Outfit in s6e5 Examined!

Talking about her outfit, Chelsea Lazkani flaunted her diesel belt (micro-mini) skirt in Selling Sunset Season 6. You can buy the skirt from LYST at $995. 

Selling Sunset is a Netflix reality show that covers the personal and professional lives of a group of skilled real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group, a real estate brokerage company. It follows the female agents as they chase their wealthy clients near their places of employment by promising them a lavish lifestyle.

The sixth season of the show has finally arrived on our screens. The drama surrounding the brokers reached new ground when a few new agents joined the team in the most recent season and had to prove themselves to the firm’s veterans.

Apart from what happens in the show, many viewers also have drawn their attention to the cast members’ physical appearance as well as their outfits. Recently, we’ve found that many people have been really interested to know about the Diesel skirt Chelsea Lazkani was wearing in episode 5. Well, here’s every detail you need to know.

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Chelsea Lazkani Wore a Diesel Belt (Micro-Mini) Skirt Worth Almost $1000 in Selling Sunset Season 6!

In addition to their brokerage skills, there’s no doubt all the Selling Sunset cast members never fail to show off their luxury outfits and accessories. In episode 5 of the most recent season of the show, Chelsea Lazkani (@chelsealazkani) wore a Diesel belt skirt and we can say the viewers have been going crazy for it.

Chelsea Lzakani's Diesel skirt cost around $1000. blurred-reality.comChelsea Lzakani’s Diesel skirt cost around $1000.
Image Source: Instagram

The micro-mini skirt from Diesel started a debate among the viewers. While some people praised Chelsea for how she looked, most of them criticized her for wearing such a short skirt. Some people questioned if she would be able to sit comfortably. Regardless, we can say she has the right to wear anything she wants.

While the skirt is currently unavailable on Diesel’s website, you can buy it from LYST at $995 and additional shipping charges. Pretty expensive, right? Well, this skirt is made to be worn by either rich people or fashion icons, like Chelsea. We also have to note that the belt-looking skirt has previously created a lot of debate among fashion enthusiasts as well. It seems the Selling Sunset viewers were not only the ones who thought this skirt is inappropriate.

A TikTok content creator named Adrienne Reau heavily criticized Diesel after she bought the skirt. She told, “For $1,000, I just wish it came in maybe a little dust bag or something. But they kind of just sloppily threw it in this box. The influencer also had problems with the skirt’s fit and quality. Although the skirt was made of leather, she observed that it felt more like “rubber.” She said that the Velcro, which is evident when the skirt is tailored for larger sizes, “kind of brings down the quality” of the outfit. However, she also noted that she was obsessed with the skirt.

Chelsea Lazkani’s Net Worth!

The Cinemaholic reports that Chelsea Lzakani‘s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. The half-millionaire amassed her fortune through a variety of revenue sources.

Chelsea studied international oil and gas management at college in Scotland before switching to real estate. She accepted a position at NRG Power Clean as a certified solar analyst after graduating in 2015. Later, she switched over to Applied LNG, a provider of fossil fuels.

Chelsea Lzakani has an estimated net worth of $500,000. blurred-reality.comChelsea Lzakani has an estimated net worth of $500,000.
Image Source: Instagram

It took Chelsea some time to change her career. Before beginning her position with the Oppenheim Group in 2021, Chelsea spent three years working at another Los Angeles-based law company. In an interview with Marie Claire, she told,

The O Group was very aspirational to me. So when I heard that they were [hiring], it was like, I can only get in the brokerage if I add some value. [Jason’s] not looking for dead weight…So I went in guns blazing like, ‘How can I get a deal?’

She quickly added another title to her considerable portfolio after being hired by the brokerage. Although being a reality TV celebrity was never in Chelsea’s plans, she seized the opportunity when it presented itself. She added,

It sounds crazy because I think there’s a lot of people that want to be on TV.

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