What Is Milton’s Ethnicity? Love Is Blind & Reddit Update!

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What Is Milton’s Ethnicity? Love Is Blind & Reddit Update! blurred-reality.com

Many viewers, especially Reddit users, have been curious to know about Milton Johnson from Love Is Blind, including his ethnicity. While he has yet to reveal it, we believe he is of Polynesian ethnicity since he looks like a native Hawaiian. 

The cast of Netflix‘s Love is Blind season 5 appears to be the craziest in the series’ history, but strangely, one of the young romantics also happens to be the most calm and collected. Milton Johnson fell in love with Lydia Gonzalez, a girl who had a completely different personality from him yet had the same interests.

Due to Milton’s funny yet calm nature, viewers of the show, especially Reddit users, grew fond of him and are now anxious to find out everything about him off-screen, especially his ethnicity. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Milton’s Ethnicity: Love Is Blind Update!

Milton Johnson (@jamesmiltonj4) from Love Is Blind Season 5 was born in Hawaii. While he has not revealed his ethnicity, we can assume he is of Polynesian ethnicity since his physical appearance reflects that he is a native Hawaiian.

Milton has yet to reveal his ethnicity. blurred-reality.comMilton has yet to reveal his ethnicity.
Image Source: Netflix

He was raised on the island by strict parents, and attended school there for a few years, before moving to Japan. However, he found that living in Japan wasn’t simple because he struggled with socializing, which hampered his general academic development. But he did become a huge anime lover while he was there.

He had scoliosis in his teenage years which had a significant impact on his development. He also broke down in tears while talking to Lydia in the pods about the 12 drill holes doctors had to put in his spine. He battles the illness every day.

His grades rose after his family moved to the USA. Even at his high school graduation, he received an associate’s degree. His desire had driven him to pursue both a Master of Science in Systems Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Geotechnology from Texas. He didn’t stop there, though.

He went on to further his education and is now enrolled at Rice University where he is pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration degree. He also held a position as a petroleum engineer at the time of filming, as was reported on Love Is Blind. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a management trainee at Vopak right now.

Milton also considers playing competitive Pokemon to be his greatest accomplishment to date despite his long list of successes. His roommate also revealed that he was banned from the game’s servers in five different nations as a result of his trash-talking of other players. He also enjoys spending days trekking through the woods, climbing mountains, and touring national parks despite his obsession with video games.

Other than that, Milton is passionate about science. He enjoys paleontology, and he regularly visits museums to satiate his insatiable curiosity about everything that exists on Earth, including extraterrestrial life.

Do Milton and Lydia Get Married?

The first lengthy talk we witness between the possible matches on the popular dating show’s fifth season features a bond over rocks between Milton Johnson and Lydia Velez Gonzalez (@lavg).

Milton and Lydia on Love Is Blind. blurred-reality.comMilton and Lydia on Love Is Blind.
Image Source: Screen Rant

Uche Okoroha, another participant who is also Lydia’s ex, begins to develop feelings for Aaliyah Cosby. Uche believes he needs to tell Aaliyah that he discovered earlier in the filming that his ex (Lydia) is also looking for love on the show as their relationship develops. Once the secret is out, Lydia reveals to Milton her relationship with Uche in the past. He doesn’t take it well at first.

But Lydia tells Milton that she’s falling for him and that she couldn’t tell him about her relationship with Uche in the past without jeopardizing the experiment. At some point, after Lydia appears to have accepted that explanation, Milton makes a marriage proposal, which she accepts with joy.

Milton and Lydia have exciting sexual chemistry while on vacation in Mexico. However, when they get back to Houston, Texas, and have to encounter Uche during the cast reunion, reality bursts their love bubble.

In the final scene of episode seven, Lydia storms out of a chat with Uche after they debate about what transpired in their relationship and if she engaged in conduct that would have been construed as stalking.

At the cast get-together, Milton does speak to Uche about Lydia, but only after giving her a powerful pep talk. And in the Love Is Blind finale, the couple sticks with it and says “yes” to each other at the altar.

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