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JP From Love Is Blind Has a New Girlfriend: Find Her on Instagram!

Oct 17, 2023 @ 0:51 EDT
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JP From Love Is Blind Has a New Girlfriend: Find Her on Instagram!

JP recently confirmed that he has a new girlfriend during a reunion episode of Love Is Blind. However, he didn't reveal much about her, including her name. Thus, we're unaware of her Instagram as well.

JP and Taylor had one of the most difficult relationship dynamics on Season 5 of Love is Blind on Netflix. They were the first couple to get engaged. Despite falling passionately in love in the pods, their in-person meetings were far from pleasant.

Fans had to bear the utter awkwardness of their dynamic from the moment they set eyes on one another. After some thought, Taylor decided to break off the engagement since she realized there was no hope of them making things right. Ironically, they also became the first couple to end their engagement.

In the recently released reunion special, JP revealed that he has been dating someone for almost a year now. He further added more information about his partner in an interview with Tudum. As a result, many viewers have been wanting to know more about his new girlfriend, including her name and Instagram. Well, we've got you covered.

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Love Is Blind: Who Is JP’s New Girlfriend?

In the reunion episode, JP (@instalessjared) said that he started dating someone right after he departed from Love Is Blind. However, he didn't reveal the identity of his new girlfriend. However, he did give some explanation about his new partner in an interview with Tudum. He said,

She’s just super sweet and really understanding. She likes dogs and football. She’s really down-to-earth. We just have fun. We can just giggle and laugh at each other, and it’s a really good time.

JP has been dating his new girlfriend for almost a year now. blurred-reality.comJP has been dating his new girlfriend for almost a year now.
Image Source: Instagram

The firefighter even revealed to the Netflix outlet that he told her about his brief appearance on Love Is Blind early on and that she "reacted positively" to it. Similarly, he added that it's easier to open up with his new girlfriend saying,

Being able to open up, it’s a little easier. I trust her, so it’s easy to open up to her. She gives right back to me and we just help each other out.

As mentioned above, JP didn't reveal the identity of his partner. As a result, we're unaware of her Instagram as well. It seems he is pretty good when it comes to keeping his personal life secret.

Meanwhile, fellow contestant Izzy mentioned his new romance during a podcast. He said,

He’s been seeing a girl for a year now so obviously he’s doing something right. But I think sometimes a lot of guys are not in touch with their emotions or can express them very well and I think that was the case with him.

What Really Happened Between JP and Taylor?

JP proposed to Taylor (@taylormrue) in Episode 2, making them the first official couple of Love Is Blind Season 5 after developing an instant connection in the pods. The couple encountered some difficulties as they emerged from the pods and began to interact with one another, but the path to genuine love is never easy.

After the major reveal, JP, who had previously been upfront about his feelings for and plans toward Taylor, started to clam up. Throughout their trip to Mexico as a couple, Taylor became increasingly frustrated with his inability to speak clearly to her.

Then, during a rather awkward talk, JP expressed his displeasure with the way Taylor had conducted herself during their initial meeting, claiming that she was wearing too much makeup. He said,

I understand you tried to present yourself, and look as best you could, but I feel like if you would’ve presented yourself like this, without any makeup, it would have been bette. It felt like you were fake.

JP claimed that Taylor was fake for wearing "too much makeup." blurred-reality.comJP claimed that Taylor was fake for wearing "too much makeup."
Image Source: Netflix

Of course, Taylor expressed her surprise that her appearance might cause JP to change so drastically. Despite a glamorous appearance being essentially a must for being cast in a modern dating program, he then made some cruel remarks about her "caked" makeup and fake eyelashes and stated that if they ended up getting married, he'd rather she wear less or no makeup. Taylor finally made the decision to call off their engagement and discontinue the experiment.

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