Has Taylor Rue From Love Is Blind Undergone Plastic Surgery? Reddit Users Examine Before & After Photos!

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Has Taylor Rue From Love Is Blind Undergone Plastic Surgery? Reddit Users Examine Before & After Photos! blurred-reality.com

Comparing her before and after pictures, Reddit users have suspected Taylor Rue from Love Is Blind of receiving plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, filler, and a nose job. However, she has neither accepted nor denied the allegations.

While there is no denying that every relationship has its ups and downs, things get unquestionably more complicated when there is an unintentional added strain to make things last. At least, this appears to be the case for the majority of couples coming from reality dating programs around the world, including Netflix‘s own Love is Blind, since its premiere in 2020.

Created by Chris Coelen, the dating series has fascinated the world with its unusual concept and never-ending drama. The recently released season 5 of the show featured Taylor Rue, a dedicated kindergarten teacher in Pasadena, Texas who is passionate about developing young brains. Her sense of style does not go ignored despite her small stature of 5 feet 2 inches.

However, Taylor Rue’s appearance has sparked many rumors among her fans, Since the release of season 5, viewers have been suspecting if she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her stunning look. Well, let’s examine her before and after pictures.

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Love Is Blind’s Taylor Rue Is Suspected of Having Numerous Plastic Surgery Procedures!

People suspect Taylor Rue (@taylormrue), the season 5 cast of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, of having undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain her young and prevent the signs of aging. She is said to have undergone Botox, a nose job, and fillers. So, what has she said about the rumors, and did these procedures help her reach her goal? Let’s have a look at it.

Taylor Rue before and after plastic surgery. blurred-reality.comTaylor Rue before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Blurred REALITY

As we know Taylor has long piqued people’s interest and adoration. As the Netflix show progressed, viewers became increasingly intrigued by her love story, as well as curious about her physical appearance. The most persistent rumor, among others, has been regarding a probable nose job.

Every minute feature of a celebrity’s appearance is emphasized in the era of high-definition television and social media scrutiny. Many fans and critics have noted small alterations in Taylor’s nose from what they think to be older photographs as they scrutinize each frame. The demand for before-and-after photos has been consistent.

It had to be the women’s fake complexions, which are typically the result of overuse of fillers or Botox. Taylor Rue has an unattractive skin texture and is extremely pillowy. Not to mention her perfect skin. Where are the wrinkles, creases, and lines, for example? Her eyes crinkle as she grins, but is that all? There should have been more, and the only reason why there aren’t is because of plastic surgery.

Numerous online platforms and gossip publications have dedicated threads and pieces comparing photographs from her early days to those from her recent past. While some viewers believe that the reported transformation can be due to changing angles, lighting, and cosmetics, others are confident she underwent plastic surgery.

Despite all of the speculation and differing perspectives, Taylor Rue has remained tight-lipped, neither confirming nor rejecting these rumors. Her quiet can be read in a variety of ways. Perhaps it’s a polite protest against unwarranted intrusion into her personal life, or perhaps she believes her surgical decisions are her own and should not be debated in public.

Reddit Users Discuss Taylor Rue’s Artificial Appearance!

Taylor Rue has captured the attention of fans through her controversy or her appearance on Netflix’s Love is Blind, which led many to suspect she underwent plastic surgery. There was a Reddit discussion on her appearance and telling admirers that she looked like an artificial creature. And Reddit users were quick to provide their differing perspectives.

Some Reddit users claim Taylor Rue's face is full of Botox & fillers. blurred-reality.comSome Reddit users claim Taylor Rue’s face is full of Botox & fillers.
Image Source: Instagram

There were several remarks on Reddit posts about Taylor’s attractiveness having been artificially created. One user even commented that there’s hardly anything natural about her. He mentioned her plastic surgery in a chat about admiring her appearance saying,

Her dress and makeup, stunning. She’s got a bomb body. But she’s not naturally pretty [even in mexico]. She has fillers and Botox in her whole face, a terrible nose job, and eyelash extensions. So even JP saying he likes her natural … there’s hardly anything natural about her.

However, one user backed her up saying, “It’s Insane how people just can’t admit that Taylor is attractive. Sure, maybe she’s not your type, but she’s conventionally attractive for sure.” Similarly, another added, “I mean it’s not my cup of tea but I can see that she absolutely nailed the look she was going for.”

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