Miguel Martinez/Miguel Angel Martinez From Netflix’s I Am a Killer: Reddit, Wikipedia, Age & Wife; Is He Still Alive? Where Is He Now in 2022?

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Miguel Martinez/Miguel Angel Martinez From Netflix's I Am a Killer: Reddit, Wikipedia, Age & Wife; Is He Still Alive? Where Is He Now in 2022?

Miguel Martinez aka Miguel Angel Martinez from Netflix’s I Am a Killer became the youngest person ever in Texas to be sentenced to the death penalty after being charged with a triple axe-and-knife murder. However, the decision was later changed in 2002 and Miguel is now facing life in prison. As some Reddit users wanted to know, Miguel is 38 years old in 2022 and is also reported to have a wife. Follow the article to know more about Miguel Martinez’s story with his complete Wikipedia.

Crime has long been a well-liked storytelling genre. Whatever the medium, a compelling story about a dangerous criminal always gives the storytellers a solid foundation. The fact that they are not fictionalized is what makes documentaries more well-liked and engaging than the majority of crime films.

I Am a Killer, a smash hit first-person true crime series on Netflix, is back for Season 3 with six rather than ten episodes and the same format as before: confessed killers who have been found guilty of murder, are either on Death Row or serving time in a maximum security prison, face the camera and tell their story while those on the outside, such as their families, the families of their victims, law enforcement, and other observers, provide context for their crimes.

With new stories in the new season, many viewers have been seeking updates on Miguel Martinez who appeared in Season 1 of the show. Well, if someone’s not aware of his story, here is everything we know about Miguel Martinez with his latest updates.

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Miguel Martinez/Miguel Angel Martinez From Netflix’s I Am a Killer Was Sentenced to Death After Being Involved in a Triple Axe-And-Knife Murder: Reddit, Wikipedia, Age & Wife; Is He Still Alive? Where Is He Now in 2022? Netflix Update!

As shown in Netflix’s I Am a Killer, Miguel Martinez aka Miguel Angel Martinez became the youngest person ever sentences to death in the history of the state of Texas at the age of 17, and with good reason. As of 2022, Miguel is 38 years old and is still alive in prison. Following a significant international effort, Martinez’s sentence was commuted in 2002, and he is now facing life in prison rather than the death penalty. As some Reddit users wanted to know about his backstory, here is Miguel’s story.

Martinez recalled his childhood as being very typical of that of most teenagers: going out, attending parties, etc. He went to hang out with Miguel Venegas and Milo Flores, two friends from school, one afternoon. The three of them played video games, drank, and used marijuana until Venegas decided he wanted to break into a stranger’s home and cause some damage

There are some contradictions in what happened next. Miguel Martinez worked for Baptist deacon James Smiley and occasionally slept there, so he had a key to his home.  According to Martinez, the original idea was to break into Smiley’s home, grab some cash for cocaine, and then depart.

According to Venegas, the other guys almost dared him to suggest that they simply kill the man at this point. The three men equipped themselves with an ax and some knives in any case (in case Smiley was home). Flores drove away after leaving the two men at the residence.

Venegas and Martinez noticed there were individuals sleeping inside the house when they peeked through the windows. Venegas then declared that the devil wants him to take these people’s lives. Venegas entered and attacked the first victim with an axe.

He indicated to Miguel Martinez that it was his turn after a few strikes, and Martinez stabbed the victim once. Martinez then went outside to vomit. Venegas persisted in his murderous rampage and killed Smiley and the following two victims.

Martinez was sentenced to death even though he was not nearly as engaged in the killings as Venegas and was immediately convicted as an adult. Venegas, however, was prosecuted as a juvenile because he was just 16 years old at the time.

He accepted a plea deal, and a 41-year prison term was imposed. Miguel Martinez’s death sentence was ultimately commuted to life in prison. Since 2006, he has been eligible for parole; but, due to the seriousness of his crime, each application has always been rejected.

Additionally, it is reported that he has a wife named Mariah Ann Martinez. However, we don’t have any information on that topic. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get any updates from our sources.

I Am a Killer is currently streaming on Netflix.

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