Madelyn Cline’s Breast Size: Full Body Measurement of the Outer Banks Star!

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Madelyn Cline’s Breast Size: Full Body Measurement of the Outer Banks Star!

According to reports, Madelyn Cline reportedly has a breast size of C and a bra size of 34A. However, we have to note that the information is based on speculation only. Follow to know the Outer Banks star’s full body measurement.

Outer Banks on Netflix follows a group of teenagers who become involved in a two-century-old mystery. The father of John B (Chase Stokes) had devoted his entire life to searching for a renowned shipwreck. Yet nine months ago, he disappeared without a trace. John B had faith even when everyone else thought he was dead. He was aware that his father was not the kind to become disoriented at sea. Then, an odd event takes place.

He quickly finds himself searching for the hints his father left behind. The program follows him and his companions as they confront perils both on land and at sea. It produces a thrilling adventure story. And after a long wait of more than 1.5 years, Season 3 of the show has finally arrived on our screen.

Of course, viewers always have a lot of questions and curiosity regarding the series as well as the cast members. Out of all of the queries, we’ve today decided to touch on Madelyn Cline‘s body measurement, especially her breast size. Well, let’s get started.

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Madelyn Cline’s Breast Size: The Outer Banks Star Reportedly Has a Cup Size of C and a Bra Size of 34A!

Starting with her breast size, Madelyn Cline‘s cup size is reported to be C. Similarly, the Outer Banks star’s bra size is 34A. Before getting into the measurements of her other body parts, we want to clarify that all of the given information is based on speculation only since Madelyn has never given any official data regarding her body. Well, here’s the rest of the information:

  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight:  54 Kg
  • Body Measurement: 36-26-40 inches
  • Figure: Hourglass
  • Chest size: 36 inches
  • Waist size: 26 inches
  • Hip’s size: 40 inches
  • Dress size: 6 U.S.
  • Shoe size: 5.5 U.S.
  • Eye’s color: Dark Brown
  • Hair color:  Blonde

Now that you’ve got your answer, let’s know more about Madelyn Cline (@madelyncline), including her early days and how she got into acting. She was born into the household of engineer Mark and real estate agent Pam and was born and raised in Goose Creek, a city in southern California.

Throughout her early years in New York City, Madelyn Cline appeared in several television advertisements, including those for Sunny D and T-Mobile. After appearing in these advertisements, she began landing minor parts like Taylor Watts in Vice-Principal and Chloe in Boy Erased. She also had the chance to perform small recurring roles in The Originals and Stranger Things. Madelyn always wanted to be an actress, so she quit college and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. She moved there so she could further her acting career and take acting lessons.

Madelyn was given the opportunity to play Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks. On April 15, 2020, the first season of the show got premiered. She has performed it as one of her career’s breakout roles, and for this specific character, she has gotten a lot of praise from both the public and the critics. The second season of this series premiered in July 2021. Similarly, Season 3 of the show premiered just today (February 23, 2023).

Is Outer Banks on Netflix Based on a True Story?

No, Outer Banks on Netflix is not based on a true story. The show is a teen action drama that was created by Josh Pate, Shannon Burke, and Jonas Pate. They wanted to create a coming-of-age tale that was both more serious in tone and filled with adventure. They were influenced by classics like The Goonies, The Outsiders, and, not to mention, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Pate’s childhood inspired him to create the story in Outer Banks. Because he was raised nearby, his familiarity with the surroundings helped him to be more imaginative when writing the narrative. It made the most sense to him to center it on a treasure hunt. He explained,

It’s just a weird teenage fantasy, I guess, to be let in on a mystery that you can go on with your friends. It’s a time-honored genre that goes back to Robert Louis Stevenson.

Before leaving, find out who dies in Outer Banks Season 3.

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