Does Chase Stokes Have Tattoos? People Wonder How Many Tattoos the Outer Banks Star Has!

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Does Chase Stokes Have Tattoos? People Wonder How Many Tattoos the Outer Banks Star Has!

Yes, Chase Stokes has tattoos. Reports suggest that the Outer Banks star has at least 6 tinny tattoos on his arms and shoulder region, including a tribute to a loved one who has passed away, a detailed rose, and a little heart. 

Outer Banks on Netflix, created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, follows a group of working-class local teenagers known as the Pogues on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. In order to find out what happened to the ringleader John B‘s father, the teenagers go on a treasure hunt, which is what the show presents. Big John, the father of John B, gets lost while searching for the treasure, and his son and friends follow in his footsteps as the Pogues battle a great economic disparity in the area caused by the rich seasonal residents.

Outer Banks received positive reviews from reviewers following its April 15, 2020, debut. It was praised for its beautiful photography and intriguing storyline. Amazing findings and new concerns about Big John’s disappearance were presented in the show’s second-season finale. And finally, Season 3 of the series has arrived on our screen.

Chase Stokes, who plays the role of John B, has been a popular name since he was cast in the show. Obviously, he has gathered a lot of fans who are curious to know everything about him. Recently, we’ve found that many people have been wanting to know if he has tattoos. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Yes, Chase Stokes Has Tattoos in Real Life: The Outer Banks Star Reportedly Has 6 Tiny Tattoos on His Arms and Shoulder Region!

Yes, Chase Stokes has tattoos in real life. While his tattoos are not big enough to notice, reports claim that the Outer Banks star has at least 6 of them on his body. Several details regarding Stokes’ body art are still a mystery since he rarely discusses the meanings behind them. But, we are aware of at least six of his tattoos, which include a tribute to a loved one who has passed away, a detailed rose, and a little heart.

It’s important to note that most of Stokes’ collection is situated on various parts of his arms and shoulder region, making them difficult to notice unless he is wearing a tank top or lifting his shirt. Fortunately, he has provided a few sneak peeks of his tattoo collection on Instagram as well as in interviews and paparazzi pictures. Now let’s talk about all of his tattoos in detail.

The majority of Chase Stokes’ tattoos, including one of a dove with the words “Love, Joan” underneath, are on his right shoulder. The actor revealed that his late grandma served as inspiration for the tattoo in an August 2021 interview with Wired. He said that a dove is always a sign that someone is keeping an eye on you and that the note was written in his grandmother’s handwriting. He added, “When she passed, this was the last letter that she wrote to me, so I had a tattoo artist sketch it on my skin.”

Stokes (@hichasestokes) flaunted a little smiley-face tattoo on his wrist during the same interview. Similarly, Stokes revealed a rose tattoo on his right arm in November 2021 while watching a basketball game in Atlanta. It is written above, but it is difficult to read what it says. The rose is frequently used as a symbol of love and passion, but he hasn’t revealed the significance behind this design.

Chase Stokes also has a tattoo of his mother, who is also a significant figure in his life. On his bicep, he has the word “Mom” tattooed beside a heart and an arrow. The two appear to be quite close since Stokes said, “Once a mommas boy, always a mommas boy,” in an Instagram post from May 2013 that included a vintage image of him and his mother, Jennifer Canning.

Moving on, Tattoo artist Jacob Reiss posted a close-up of Stokes’ most recent tattoo, “1939,” on Instagram on August 6. A few weeks later, on Aug. 23, the actor posted a mirror selfie on Instagram showcasing all of his arm tattoos, including his “1939” tattoo, but he didn’t elaborate on its significance. Lastly, Stokes also has a lighted matchstick tattooed on his arm beneath a dove on his shoulder. According to TattooSEO, matchstick tattoos frequently represent “that there is a light to look toward” even in the dark, yet the reason behind it is still unknown.

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