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Madelyn Cline Before Fame: Journey of the Outer Banks Star Before Pursuing a Acting Career!

Feb 23, 2023 @ 5:19 EST
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Madelyn Cline Before Fame: Journey of the Outer Banks Star Before Pursuing a Acting Career!

Before fame, Madelyn Cline from Netflix's Outer Banks, who grew up in Goose Creek, South Carolina with her parents, won a local modeling competition and launched her career as a child model. Later, the actress began modeling and doing commercial print work in New York City when she was only ten years old. Additionally, she also dropped out in just 6 weeks after enrolling in a college to pursue an acting career.

The Netflix original coming-of-age, teen-drama web series Outer Banks was created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burk. The story revolves around John B, played by Chase Stokes, whose father was an explorer in search of a long-lost treasure. Nine months after his father's death, John discovers a clue that may lead him closer to the treasure and the truth about his father's death.

The Netflix series is set in the idyllic Outer Banks of North Carolina and is full of adventure and drama. What makes this series exhilarating to watch is the addition of the treasure hunt and all the twists that come in John B. and his friends' - together called Pogues - way.

Recently, Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron in the show, looked stunning in a pale blue Stella McCartney crystal-embellished gown at the Premiere of Season 3, but it was her radiant complexion that stole the show.

Meanwhile, the star is one of the year's most talked-about actresses, but she was barely on the radar before now. The 25-year-old actress went from being virtually unknown to becoming a sensation seemingly overnight. So, if you are curious to learn more about Madelyn Cline's acting journey and wonder about her status before fame, here is everything you need to know!

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Madelyn Cline Before Fame: The Outer Banks Actress Dropped Out in Just 6 Weeks After Enrolling in a College to Pursue an Acting Career!

Actress Madelyn Cline (@madelyncline) almost instantly became famous, which she herself never even dreamed of. Many people may recognize her as the pouty beauty, Sarah Cameron on the Outer Banks, or from any of the tabloid magazines, websites, or TikTok posts that feature her image. Cline's star will undoubtedly continue to shine in a world where word spreads like wildfire. However, this was not always the case before fame.

The modeling industry is a difficult one. However, it may be even more difficult for a child. Growing up in front of the camera wasn't always easy for Madelyn Cline. As her body grew and changed, the young actress struggled to accept herself for who she was. In the end, it was her mother who completely transformed her attitude toward her body image. She began teaching her daughter to focus on the aspects of herself that she admired the most.

The Outer Banks cast was finally ready to leave for college after graduating from high school. Cline and her parents, after all, had been saving for college for years. However, life seemed to be gradually leading her in a different direction. She began receiving even more callbacks as a college student. "I had run out of excused absences at school," she finally admitted to Schön! Magazine. At that point, the aspiring actress realized she couldn't continue to divide her time between school and the spotlight: it was time to make a decision.

In 2008, a young Madelyn Cline won a local modeling competition, launching her career as a child model. Later, the actress began modeling and doing commercial print work in New York City when she was only ten years old.  According to IMDb, she made her debut in the 2009 short film Milites Christi when she was 11 years old. Meanwhile, Cline seemed to know exactly what she needed to do as she drove to the set for a minor role on Stranger Things one day. Her parents, on the other hand, were not on board.

Later, she was featured in numerous publications, including Parent & Child and American Girl magazine, the latter of which is a childhood dream for many young girls. She went on to do commercials for EZ Bake Oven, Sunny D, Toys R Us, and other companies before bringing her image to the small screen. As a child, Madelyn Cline began appearing in commercials and realized she had a strong and intense love for acting.

Ultimately, Cline was only enrolled in college for a whopping six weeks before she dropped out to pursue her acting career. Her parents were not pleased, but she knew deep down that this was what she truly desired. She eventually received the script for Outer Banks, unaware that it would change the course of her life. But the script grew on her, and she auditioned. She was supposed to audition for the role of Kiara, but she told her agent that she didn't want to whitewash the character and instead wanted to audition for Sarah.

This was a wise decision on Cline's part, as she was invited to meet with producers in Charleston, South Carolina, near where she grew up and where her parents still resided. The fact that she felt so at ease there gave the actress an advantage, and she was informed that she had been cast as Sarah Cameron, her first starring role in a television show. It definitely worked, and Outer Banks was a smash hit from the moment it debuted on Netflix. Madelyn Cline is now a true celebrity.

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