Who Dies in Outer Banks Season 3? List of Every Character Who Died in OBX Season 3; Spoilers Ahead!

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Who Dies in Outer Banks Season 3? List of Every Character Who Died in OBX Season 3; Spoilers Ahead!

As expected, many people are curious to know who dies in Outer Banks Season 3. Well, 9 total characters die, out of which 6 are key characters, including Jimmy Portis, Three of Singh’s henchmen, Tommy Sowell, Carlos Singh, Ryan, Ward Cameron, and Big John Routledge. Follow to know how actually they died in OBX 3. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Outer Banks has been full of perilous swings and turns for its central protagonists, the Pogues, as they’ve been pulled into a number of treasure-hunting trips since it first began showing on Netflix in April 2020. And Season 3 of the show has finally arrived on the streaming platform after a long wait of more than 1 and a half years. The ten-episode season begins off where season 2 left off, with John B and his friends living in Poguelandia and Big John returning to the scene.

The group is trying to return to the OBX at the beginning of the season, and John B figures his father may be coming home. The third season of the teen drama is unquestionably a worthy sequel, and fans of the show are overjoyed to see their favorite characters back on the screen.

Like in previous seasons, the characters in Outer Banks season 3 confront very risky circumstances while trying to uncover the hidden treasure and look out for one another. Even if there are fewer fake-out deaths this time around, tragic deaths still occur. Well, let’s find out who dies in the latest season of the show.

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Here’s the List of All the Characters Who Die in Outer Banks Season 3: Spoilers Ahead!

Nine characters die in total in Outer Banks Season 3. Fortunately, the list does not include any of the actual Pogues. Out of the 9 deaths, six of them are key characters. The list includes:

  • Jimmy Portis
  • Three of Singh’s henchmen
  • Tommy Sowell
  • Carlos Singh
  • Ryan
  • Ward Cameron
  • Big John Routledge

OBX Season 3 begins with the death of the jet pilot who discovers the Pogues trapped on their desert island, Poguelandia. Portis informs Carlos Singh, the Caribbean drug lord, who then kills Jimmy for allowing the Pogues to escape capture.

Two of Singh’s henchmen approach John B and Big John, who has returned, in episode 4 of the new season. When the two are secretly planning to kill John B and take Big John back to Singh, Big John makes an effort to negotiate with them. Big John shoots both of them to death without hesitation after sensing something is wrong, shocking John B. Later in the season, after being caught by Singh anyhow, Big John attempts to escape by tossing another of Singh’s henchmen, Rod, out of a window.

Tommy Sowell, previously Big John’s mentor, is a professor who specializes in the mythical gold of El Dorado. Singh’s men arrive and murder Sowell with a poisoned blow dart when John B and his father visit him to ask about the reported location of the riches.

The season’s main villain also dies in episode 10, where he is killed by an explosion. As John B. and Sarah arrive in El Dorado, Singh is waiting for them when they go back to the door. As Singh tries to put out a lighted stick of dynamite that Big John, who had been hidden in the shadows, throws at the door but is unable to do so in time, it explodes and kills him, seemingly closing the gate to the city of gold.

Similarly, Ryan serves as Singh’s right-hand man and frequently engages the Pogues. Ryan, who is seeking retribution for Singh’s death, is about to kill Sarah when her father, Ward, throws himself in his path, sending them both falling to their deaths off a cliff. Ward was bound to die as soon as he attacked, but he likely knew this previously and wanted to assure his daughter’s safety because they haven’t always agreed on things. Ryan shoots the henchman three times as he throws himself at him.

At the end of season 2, Big John Routledge—whom everyone had long assumed was dead—was shown to be alive. However, he actually dies this time in the season 3 finale. Big John, John B, and Sarah are surrounded by Singh and his men as they make their way to El Dorado’s entrance, and a gunfight ensues. The Johns and Sarah are able to escape the carnage, but not before Big John is wounded by a stray gunshot.

He is capable of staying alive for a while, but by the time he, John B, and Sarah arrive at the cave mouth, he is too weak to carry on. Big John musters the strength to help the children in getting away from Singh, but when they return to the jungle due to the increasing wound, they are forced to stop. Big John eventually succumbs to his wounds and dies in a heartbreaking way. The Pogues bury him in the forest and construct a makeshift tombstone for him.

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