Madelyn Cline With Brown Hair: What Is the Outer Banks Star’s Natural Hair Color? Is It Blonde?

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Madelyn Cline With Brown Hair: What Is the Outer Banks Star’s Natural Hair Color? Is It Blonde?

Very few people have seen Madelyn Cline with brown hair as she has never been a part of other projects since being cast in Netflix’s Outer Banks. Many of her fans believe her natural hair color is blonde since she always has blonde hair in the series. Well, it’s untrue. The 25-year-old actress’ natural hair color is dark brown hair.

Outer Banks, a Netflix adolescent drama, revolves around a treasure hunt that centers on a group of youngsters who learn that a long-standing mystery may have its answer in their hometown. They venture into the ocean after a cyclone decimates their town, where they come across a boat that has seen better days. They uncover a clue during their inquiry that unlocks yet another box of secrets.

Nine months earlier, John B‘s father had disappeared into the sea. Everyone, even his friends, regarded his belief in his father’s return as a fantasy. He is shown to be correct, nevertheless, when he discovers his father’s compass in the capsized boat. It turns out that his father has left him a note, and John B. and his friends begin their search for the lost riches in the 1800s after decoding it. The island village turns becomes the teenagers’ playground as they explore its past to make connections with the present.

Madelyn Cline, who plays the role of Sarah Cameron, has been getting a lot of attention with her performance in the show. She has blonde hair in the show. Meanwhile, many people want to see her with her original hair color, which is brown. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Madelyn Cline With Brown Hair: The Outer Banks Star’s Natural Hair Color Is Dark Brown Hair!

For of all, let’s make it clear that Madelyn Cline‘s natural hair color is brown. You can see her with brown her in her earlier roles and red carpet events, like 2018’s Boy Erased premiere. Many people haven’t seen on her her actual hair as she has not done any films or series since being cast in Netflix’s Outer Banks. As a result, many people thought she originally has blonde hair.

The 25-year-old actress is quite candid about the difficult transition from her natural dark brown hair to Sarah Cameron‘s characteristic sun-kissed blond. Cline (@madelyncline) talked about dyeing her hair for the first color ever for the popular Netflix series during an interview with Women’s Health in 2021 and the secret is out: it took a $4 product to give her the desired look. She explained,

I had never touched my hair. I was just too afraid to, and I just didn’t want to pay the money to do anything to it. And then Outer Banks happened.

Netflix didn’t know exactly whether blond would be the move, so Madelyn Cline visited a hair shop in an effort to get a “sun-kissed” appearance. It’s unfortunate that the first time wasn’t lucky. She added,

It kinda felt like I had streaks of peanut butter in my hair. I wasn’t extremely happy with it so I went to CVS and I bought Sun-In. I soaked my hair in Sun-In and blew-dry it and repeat.

Cline has blonde hair in both seasons of Outer Banks, but she frequently leaves her roots darker and adds lowlights here and there to give it depth and a more natural appearance.

Meet Madelyn Cline’s Rumored Boyfriend, Jackson Guthy!

Many sources claim that Jackson Guthy and Madelyn Cline are currently in a relationship. After her breakup with Outer Banks costar Chase Stokes in November 2021, the actress fueled relationship speculations with Guthy in June 2022 when they went out together several times in California.

Months later, Cline revealed in her Cosmopolitan cover story for February 2023 that she was “happily taken.” She didn’t reveal who her new lover was at the time, but she did say that she is “incredibly happy” with her present relationship. She told,

I’ve truly never been happier, and I feel very, very empowered.

Observers at the season 3 premiere of Outer Banks in the same month told PEOPLE that Madelyn Cline brought Guthy with her as a date, and the two were spotted holding hands and kissing at the afterparty.

Guthy has been creating songs and playing the piano since he was seven years old. After appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in April 2011 to perform his debut single, Love, he has released a plethora of EPs and singles, the most recent of which is Like I Did in March 2022.

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