Love is Blind: Is Nick Thompson Gay? Season 2 Reddit Update!

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Love is Blind: Is Nick Thompson Gay? Season 2 Reddit Update!

Nick from Love is Blind Season 2 is speculated to be gay by Reddit users. Rather than focusing on the show’s content, Nick Thompson’s sexuality has been of major concern for Netflix viewers. Some Redditors call Nick the gay guy from Love is Blind.

Releasing a total of ten episodes, Netflix‘s new reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 was released on 11th February 2022, creating a platform for the singletons to find their loved ones.

While it may be a reality show solely dedicated to love, the show has a limitation; the cast members cannot see each other, and for their ten days of the talking stage, they can only communicate in the pods.

With myriads of cast members, the show is teeming with drama, and succeeded in winning the hearts of myriads of people. While the show focused on heterosexual relationships (a relationship between different genders), one of the participants, Nick Thompson is rumored to be gay.

The audience has speculated that he is probably gay, and his vibes are purely gayish. However, we saw him forming a bond with Danielle, so is the audience’s speculation wrong?

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Is Nick Thompson from Love is Blind Season 2 Gay?

Acting as the cupid or let’s wingman, Netflix’s exclusive American reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 premiered on 11th February 2022, and thus, allured many binge-watchers into watching the ten episodes.

Basically, the show is about talking to other cast members in the pods bereft of knowing their appearance, and this talking stage lasts for ten long days. After getting to know each other, can the cast members meet, and then eventually decide whom to engage with, and go to Mexico for retreat.

Making it a love show entirely dedicated to forming a heterosexual relationship, the cast members talked to other genders. However, Nick Thompson has been the center of heed for his so-called gayish behavior. The spectators of Love is Blind have filled Reddit to Twitter in questioning Nick’s sexuality.

Some people were offended with the tweets as questioning someone’s sexuality is nobody’s business, and even if Nick’s sexuality is gay, it shouldn’t bother anyone.

Are there any vibes that one must have to be gay? No. There is no such thing as giving gayish vibes or claiming someone gay just because of how they style their clothes or talk to someone. When a guy fantasies a romantic relationship and is totally attracted to only guys, then, their sexuality is referred to be gay.

If Nick Thompson was that fascinated by other guys, then why would he end up choosing Danielle? Moreover, he has never claimed about him getting attracted to other guys, so how can people randomly assume his sexuality just because of his personality?

Let’s take it hypothetically, even if by rare chance,  Nick is in the closet, why would he end up coming to Love is Blind Season 2 when he vividly knows that he won’t be getting any guys? Definitely, he isn’t gay.

Is Nick Dating Anyone Currently?

In the episodes of Love is Blind Season 2, we saw Nick pairing up with Danielle, and their relationship seemed to go smoothly. From talking to each other in the pods to meeting each other, only to add more to their relationship. However, things went too far, and couldn’t be curbed during their retreat in Mexico.

Danielle felt under the weather just before the party day, and her body didn’t favor her in attending it, conversely, rather than giving her company, and taking good care of her, Nick decided to go to the party and enjoy with other couples. This broke Danielle’s heart and brought a cold war into their relationship.

Looking at their Instagram account, it seems like they are on good terms, and still follow each other, but it appears that they aren’t together romantically. Stalking Nick’s Instagram came out to be futile as there is not a single post that hints towards him dating someone as of today.

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