Jessica and Mark from Love is Blind: Find Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas on Instagram!

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Jessica and Mark from Love is Blind: Find Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas on Instagram!

Jessica and Mark were one of the couples cast on Love is Blind, however, more than having love in their relationship, it was more about distancing oneself from each other. Are Jessica and Mark from Love is Blind still together? Let’s get to know more about Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas’s relationship on Instagram. Many Netflix viewers wonder about Jessica’s boyfriend, Mark’s cheating scandal, and Jessica and Mark meme.

With a total of seven episodes, the American reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 was released on Netflix on 11th February 2022. Basically, this American reality show is all about searching for the ideal partner and eventually leaving the show catching their partner’s hand.

While this is a reality dating show, unlike other love reality shows, the cast members aren’t allowed to see each other, and can only form a connection via talking to each other in the pods.

Claiming it as a social experiment, the production team astounded everyone and added a twist to the show. However, passing the test, many participants succeeded in falling for each other and began their relationship via the show itself.

Jessica and Mark were one of the couples of the show, and a plethora of spectators are curious to know about their love life.

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Jessica and Mark from Love is Blind: Meet Them on Instagram!

Netflix’s new eminent American reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 definitely became one of the hits, and the production team has been gaining a hefty profit from the show.

Bringing an extraordinary love reality show where the cast members couldn’t see each other for ten long days, the production team literally astounded the viewers.

Jessica and Mark’s love story is filled with more disappointments and conflicts rather than sharing happiness among themselves. While it is true that Jessica and Mark paired up, however, almost everyone knows that their relationship wasn’t just confined to two of them.

Rather it was a love triangle, and it seems like more than wanting Mark to be her boyfriend, Jessica was much more interested to get a proposal from the other cast member Matt Barnett.

Although Jessica’s heart was dedicated to Matt, on the other hand, Matt knew Jessica wasn’t for him, and thus ended up proposing to Amber. Upon seeing him together with Amber, this probably broke Jessica’s heart into pieces, and more than having feelings for Mark, it seems like she was kind of compelled to be by his side.

Love comes from the heart, and no matter how much a person compels himself/herself to live with someone they don’t have feelings for, it is probably daunting. The same thing happened with Jessica (@jessicabatten_), and during their vacation in Mexico, she started distancing herself from Mark (@markanthonycuevas_) which consequently complicated their relationship.

Feeling a second option, Mark’s heartbreak cannot be put into words, and in their love life, it is neither Jessica’s fault nor Mark’s, the one thing that is to be blamed is the situation.

Are Jessica and Mark Still Together?

Looking at their relationship in the show itself, it can be easily assumed that Jessica and Mark aren’t meant to be together. Jessica still has those intense feelings for her crush, Matt, and for him, she ignored Mark during the vacation in Mexico.

Having no alternative, Mark was bound to be alone throughout the vacation, and we can only assume how heart-wrenching he might have been for him.

Both Jessica and Mark do not follow each other on Instagram, and in one of the interviews, Mark divulged that he hasn’t talked to Jessica even for once after the end of Love is Blind Season although he reached out to her several times.

Seems like Mark had a hard time moving on from her, and couldn’t resist talking to Jessica but Jessica’s ignorance made him clear, and with no answer, Mark decided to never bother her again.

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