Find Lorenzo Nobilio (161) From Squid Game on Instagram!

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Find Lorenzo Nobilio (161) From Squid Game on Instagram!

Lorenzo Nobilio (161) from Squid Game: The Challenge can be found on Instagram at (@only.lorenzo). He has over 12k followers and frequently shares his whereabouts on the platform.

If there is one thing that Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix is known for, it is the wide range of its contestants. While some participants took part in the show simply to have fun, others were determined to win it all and walk away with the grand prize. And it makes sense. Not everyone wants to risk $4.56 million, the biggest prize in the history of TV reality shows.

This includes Lorenzo Nobilio, AKA Player 161, who didn’t care how others saw him as long as his aim remained within grasp. He didn’t want to appreciate someone else caring for him or the other players. Eventually, it cost him the chance to win $4.56 million as he was voted out for his harsh comments.

Despite an unusual elimination, we have found that many people have been seeking more information about Lorenzo, including his Instagram handle. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Squid Game: Find Lorenzo Nobilio (161) on Instagram!

Lorenzo Nobilio, player 161, can be found on Instagram at (@only.lorenzo). With over 12k followers, player 161 on Squid Game: The Challenge is pretty active on the platform and frequently shares updates about his life and whereabouts.

Lorenzo's latest post on Instagram. blurred-reality.comLorenzo’s latest post on Instagram.
Image Source: Instagram

If you look at his full Instagram profile, you can find him hanging with many guy friends and “girl” friends. Similarly, he is also into fashion, especially wearing unisex clothes. This might make you wonder about his sexuality, however, he does not appear to have made any comments regarding his gender.

Just like in the Netflix show, he has an attitude of his own on Instagram as well. His bio and many captions clearly indicate how much he loves himself and does not really care about what other thinks.

On the other hand, Lorenzo is active on TikTok with the same username. He makes videos of him traveling, hanging out with friends, doing outfit checks, and more. To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a social media influence someday.

How Was Lorenzo’s Journey on Squid Game: The Challenge?

Here's how Lorenzo himself was responsible for his elimination. blurred-reality.comHere’s how Lorenzo himself was responsible for his elimination.
Image Source: Netflix

Lorenzo, Player 161, says to his fellow players in an early episode of Squid Game: The Challenge that he believes he will make it just because he works out, but there is obviously much more to the tasks than physical dexterity.

The 26-year-old ex-asset manager declares himself a “master manipulator,” with ambitions and the conviction that if he won the challenge, he would become a multi-millionaire. However, LeAnn (Player 302), who was in charge of handing out apple slices to the other players and was regarded as the game’s mother, expresses her emotions about Lorenzo, calling him “impolite, possibly rude” as he had made harsh comments while Leann was sharing sliced apples.

He went on to explain that he didn’t have time for “people pleasers.” In an elimination vote, the players were compelled to vote on the number of players they wished to eliminate, and he was confident he would be safe because he had no sense of self-awareness.

When players vote to eliminate someone, their photo is displayed on a screen so that everyone knows who they voted for, causing enormous drama and stress among the players. Player 302, of course, voted for Lorenzo, and he returned the favor by voting for LeAnn.

Lorenzo was one of three contestants eliminated after the final votes were counted. He left with the grace everyone expected. Despite the disappointment of several of his teammates, the field was cut to seventy competitors, and the prize pool reached $3.86 million.