How to Sign Up for Squid Game: The Challenge?

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How to Sign Up for Squid Game: The Challenge?

You can sign up for Squid Game: The Challenge if you’re at least 21 years old and by filling up a simple application from a specific website launched by Netflix ( After that, all you have to do is give proper & authentic information about yourself.

Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix is unlike any other reality competition series because it revolves around 456 contestants competing for a grand reward of $4.56 million. That’s because, aside from being a near-perfect remake of the outstanding 2021 eponymous South Korean original series, these statistics are by far the highest in broadcast history.

The first five episodes of the series were released on Netflix on November 22, with the next four following on November 29. There will be a finale on December 6. So, with such a large budget, a large number of people engaged, and a series of physically and mentally exhausting games, we can’t help but ask how to sign up for the challenger for the upcoming season (if renewed). Well, let’s find it out.

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Here’s How Can Sign Up for Squid Game: The Challenge!

Netflix has already launched a casting call for prospective future seasons of Squid Game: The Challenge via a special website that takes applications from people all around the world. However, in addition to the critical factor of your availability, if chosen as one of the 456 participants, there are several eligibility conditions you should be well aware of before you decide to sign up for the challenge.

The minimum age is 21, you must have a valid passport and be able to travel, and you cannot be a current or past employee of Netflix or All3 Media, or even linked to somebody who works there.

You can sign up for Squid Game: The Challenge by visiting blurred-reality.comYou can sign up for Squid Game: The Challenge by visiting
Image Source: Netflix

Then comes the actual application, in which you must enter basic information such as your complete name, birthday, e-mail address, county of origin, as well as your phone number. After that, you’ll need to post a few specific plus optional photographs of yourself as well as create a 1-minute video showcasing who you are and why you deserve to be on this show.

It’s a really basic process, so we’ll urge you to make it simple as well – have fun, but be authentic because Netflix has stated that they prefer to focus exclusively on real people with real experiences.

All you have to do now is click “Register” to finish your “sign up” application, which will start a waiting period where you won’t know if you’ve been chosen or not until someone contacts you.

The good news is that if you are rejected for whatever reason, you may always improve your standing and apply for future installments as many times as you wish. If you are shortlisted, someone from the higher-ups will contact you directly to start a discussion about your health and chances of becoming a player, after which everything will move forward.

Will There Be Season 2 of Squid Game: The Challenge?

As of this writing, there is no official announcement for Squid Game: The Challenge Season 2, although it will most certainly be announced in the near future given the creators have already called a casting call for the upcoming season.

Squid Game: The Challenge has yet to be renewed for Season 2. blurred-reality.comSquid Game: The Challenge has yet to be renewed for Season 2.
Image Source: Netflix

This is also expected given that Season 1 hasn’t yet concluded, and Netflix is likely waiting to see how the season does as a whole before proceeding with the renewal. The fan reaction to the first five episodes, on the other hand, has been highly good, echoing the success of the South Korean fictitious series. As a result, the renewal is most likely a matter of time.

Given the track record set by season 1, which was revealed in June 2022, a return in 2024 or 2025 is extremely likely if the announcement occurs within the next few months. We will surely inform you if and when season 2 is officially approved.