Charlise Chaney (Player 179) From Squid Game The Challenge: Instagram & Reddit!

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Charlise Chaney (Player 179) From Squid Game The Challenge: Instagram & Reddit!

Charlise Chaney (player 179) from Squid Game: The Challenge is a 32-year-old teacher. Follow to find her on Instagram (@chan3y) and also know why Reddit has been criticizing her.

The first five episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge were released on Netflix earlier this week. Although the performance is not life or death, no one can argue that there is still a lot at stake – a reputation and $4.56 million, to be exact. The game includes 456 players, which is the same amount of players as in the 2021 Korean show.

As a result, participants from all over the world do their best (read: their worst) to be the last ones remaining through harsh eliminations, smart schemes, and lucrative alliances. Player 179 (Charlise Chaney) was one of them to manage it all for a long time, an undoubtedly impetuous yet brilliant individual who did quite well to eventually establish herself.

Even though she stayed out of the limelight at the beginning of the challenge as a part of her strategy, she soon established herself as a tough competitor as well as a leader of a team. Impressed with her performance, many people have been wanting to know more about her. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Player 179 (Charlise Chaney) From Squid Game The Challenge: Find Her on Instagram!

Her profile on Netflix shows that player 179 aka Charlise Chaney is a 32-year-old teacher from Texas. To be precise, the Squid Game: The Challenge star has been serving as an Algebra I Team Lead at Alief ISD since 2014.

Chaney was introduced to the dense world of mathematics as a young child, just like everyone else, but it quickly became a passion she couldn’t get enough of. She thus enrolled at Texas Southern University in Houston as soon as she could acquire a Bachelor’s degree in this discipline before pursuing a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Houston-Victoria.

Charlise Chaney works as an Algebra I Team Lead. blurred-reality.comCharlise Chaney works as an Algebra I Team Lead.
Image Source: Instagram

Later, she landed her ideal job as a math teacher, thanks to acquired abilities such as curriculum development, data analysis, educational leadership, project control, and product growth.

Apart from being a teacher, player 179 is also interested in fashion. She has an Amazon store, which you can view here, where she receives commissions as an influencer by making sales.

Despite being quite happy with her position, which she has maintained for about a decade, she is now looking for more as an ambitious public speaker and corporate member. It appears that she hopes to transition into the commercial sector in order to not only challenge herself but also grow to some extent.

Unfortunately, we do not know much about her past, familial connections, or personal experiences because she likes to keep such facts out of the spotlight for privacy reasons.

Lastly, she can be found on Instagram at (@chan3y) and TikTok at (@chan33y).

Here’s Why Some Reddit Users Have Been Criticizing Player 179 (Charlise Chaney)!

Reddit debates on whether or not Charlise Chaney is a horrible person. blurred-reality.comReddit debates on whether or not Charlise Chaney is a horrible person.
Image Source: Instagram

While player 179 (Charlise Chaney) has been going pretty strong in Squid Game: The Challenge, many Reddit users have been criticizing her. One user started a Reddit discussion writing,

Player 179 (Chaney) is a horrible but real life example of what’s wrong in todays society

Similarly, some people supported the statement. One user wrote,

Well said. It’s scary an imbecile like this can be a teacher who directly influences our youth. She’s loud and brash about how her education makes her special, yet the minute she encounters another educated person (330) she decides he’s egotistical and has to go. She’s absolutely the worst thing in the show to date.

However, many disagreed with the statement. One user expressed that she was playing her part to win the show writing,

She’s on TV. She’s playing a part. We have no idea if she’s a good teacher or if her show personality ia what she’s like in real life. Chill.

Similarly, another wrote,

Targeting someone in a game is not racist. I think you should step away from your TV and consult a therapist about your underlying emotions before projecting at a game show contestant on reddit. You’re not well.