Find Stephen Lomas From Squid Game: The Challenge on TikTok & Instagram!

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Find Stephen Lomas From Squid Game: The Challenge on TikTok & Instagram!

Stephen Lomas (243) from Squid Game: The Challenge is a content creator and can be found on TikTok at (@officialstephenlomas) and Instagram at (@stephengokuloma).

It’s only been a few days since Squid Game‘s new reality spin-off program debuted on Netflix but it’s safe to say that it’s doing well so far. The new series, Squid Game: The Challenge, is based on the original Korean drama, but with some startling twists that make it the kind of competition series that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Squid Game is one of Netflix’s most successful original programs of all time, so there are large shoes to fill. However, in Squid Game: The Challenge, 456 people compete in tasks for a chance to earn a whopping $4.56 million, the largest cash prize in TV history.

Stephen Lomas (player no. 243) emerged as one of the strongest contestants. Because of his personality and his bond with Rick Mercurio, he has earned himself a spot in many viewers’ hearts. Despite his early elimination, many want to know more about him. They also seek his TikTok as well as Instagram account. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Stephen Lomas Has Huge Following in Both TikTok & Instagram: Squid Game The Challenge Update!

Stephen Lomas is active on both TikTok and Instagram. blurred-reality.comStephen Lomas is active on both TikTok and Instagram.
Image Source: Instagram

Stephen Lomas can be found on TikTok at (@officialstephenlomas). As of this writing, the Squid Game: The Challenge star has over 330k followers on the platform. He uses the platform to share videos from his personal life, such as time spent with friends and family, traveling, and some funny content as well.

Likewise, he can be found on Instagram at (@stephengokuloma). He has over 155k followers on the platform and shares the same content as in TikTok. In his bio, he also writes that he is a social media personality. Looking at his TikTok and Instagram, we can definitely say that he has a high chance of living his life in a social presence.

Life Beyond Squid Game: Where Is Stephen Lomas Now?

Stephen Lomas is currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2015, he and his friends founded Let’s Get Moving, a popular moving firm. To further their popularity, the founders began creating material for Facebook.

Stephen and his friends have officially left behind their jobs as movers and are now fully focused on video creation, working under the brand KC Boys. As of this writing, KC Boys has over 118K Instagram followers, while their TikTok account has over 310K followers.

As for his personal life, Stephen is married to his wife, Alix Blahnik. The couple maintains their own social media presence, with over 247K followers on their shared Instagram account (@alixandstephenshow).

Stephen Lomas and his wife, Alix. blurred-reality.comStephen Lomas and his wife, Alix.
Image Source: Instagram

In the meantime, their YouTube channel, “Alix and Stephen,” has over 831,000 subscribers. However, the two appear to be most pleased with their responsibilities as parents to two young daughters, Aurora and Miya. Stephen, in particular, is very proud of his job as a father and never passes up an opportunity to spend quality time with his lovely family.

Stephen Lomas’ Journey on Squid Game: The Challenge!

Stephen Lomas entered Squid Game: The Challenge in the hopes of finishing it with his best friend, Chase Higgenz (Player 242). Unfortunately, the plan imploded at the first hurdle, forcing Stephen to build a new path for himself.

As the show progressed, Stephen developed as one of the most powerful players in the Squid Game-inspired show, which can be linked to his membership in one of the competition’s most important alliances, the Gganbu Gang. More than anything, his friendship with Rick Mercurio made him stand out from the pack. Having drawn towards the elder man from the start of the tournament, their friendship quickly became familial.

The friendship that developed between Stephen, a father and moving company owner who appeared on the show with his best friend, and Rick, an orchid grower, beekeeper, and devoted grandfather, may have seemed unlikely at first, but the good-natured humor of both men made them appear to be a perfect fit for each other.

Unfortunately for them, this made them a target, and Rick and Stephen were both eliminated in a game-twisting test set among recreations of legendary Squid Game challenges.

However, considering his appealing nature and strong sense of loyalty, it cannot be stated that Stephen failed to delight the spectators. His entire performance may not have yielded the desired results, but he did gain a whole new set of fans.