Player 232 (Rick Mercurio) From Squid Game The Challenge: Find Him on Instagram!

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Player 232 (Rick Mercurio) From Squid Game The Challenge: Find Him on Instagram!

Player 232 (Rick Mercurio) from Squid Game: The Challenge is a 69-year-old physician who entered the challenge to enjoy the moment and help somebody else win. He can be found on Instagram at (@dr.rick.mercurio).

Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix‘s new reality competition, pits 456 contestants against each other in a bid to win the streamer’s largest reality TV cash prize ever: $4.56 million. It’s a reproduction of the 2021 South Korean hit Squid Game, in which 456 financially disadvantaged people compete for a large reward.

Among all the contestants, player 232 (Richard “Rick” Mercurio) was among very few people who participated in the Netflix challenge to enjoy and live the moment rather than to win the cash reward. Being the oldest player in the challenge and a physician, Rick Mercurio managed to win the hearts of many viewers with his approach and dedication.

Additionally, his determination to help his allies and bond with another contestant Stephen Lomas (player 243) has impressed many viewers. As a result, we’ve found that many people have been wanting to know more about player 232, including his Instagram. Well, let’s get started.

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Rick Mercurio (Player 232) Was Adored by Almost All Other Contestants: Squid Game The Challenge Update!

According to the original show, even the elderly and the elderly had the right to compete in the games, knowing full well that a loss at any stage would entail death (for the most part). There are a lot of youthful and athletic players who are working hard to win the money. However, one of them brags about being the oldest person competing in Squid Game: The Challenge. He is none other than Rick Mercurio, also known as Player 232.

By profession, he is a physician who previously worked out of Armstrong County, Pa., according to his player information in the show. He also claimed to be a beekeeper when he recorded for the show. He celebrated his birthday after surviving the Red Light, Green Light game in the first episode. He was joined by hundreds of happy players who were ecstatic to be celebrating his 69th birthday.

Rick Mercurio is currently 69 years old. blurred-reality.comRick Mercurio is currently 69 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

In the show, player 232 aka Rick acknowledged having minimal hopes of winning the competition overall when he was talking to Stephen. He said,

Not really planning on winning what with the talent here. But I was always hoping if I could help one person win that, it’s a win for me.

In the end, Rick’s generosity and gentle nature won him the affection of numerous competitors. He even survives the first few rounds of the challenge and even defeats Stephen in a game of ddakji.

Unfortunately, winning will not spare you from elimination in Squid Game. He and Stephen are both kicked out of the game during a test at the players’ room in between official games. Many of the remaining players were heartbroken by his elimination, and they all bid him farewell.

Rick Mercurio and Stephen shared a special bond in the show. Rick Mercurio and Stephen shared a special bond in the show.
Image Source: Netflix

On the other hand, Rick can be found on Instagram at (@dr.rick.mercurio). He has over 5k followers on the platform. Looking at his previous posts,  it’s clear that he loves spending time with his family. Currently, he is busy sharing pictures from his time on Squid Game: The Challenge.

Rick and Stephen Are Still in Touch With Each Other!

In a stressful situation, it’s nice to discover your people, like Rick Mercurio (player 232) did with player 243, Stephen. In episode 3 of Squid Game: The Challenge, he revealed to his fellow contender that he didn’t expect to win with all the young people surrounding him and wanted him to win.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy conclusion for the two, who were both eliminated in episode 5 owing to a test conducted in the players’ rooms. However, the good news is that Rick and Stephen are still in touch with each other. Screen Rant recently conducted an interview with both of them together and they shared their experience about the challenge.