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Libby Hunsdale From Down for Love: Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Instagram & Parents!

Aug 13, 2023 @ 12:44 EDT
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Libby Hunsdale From Down for Love: Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Instagram & Parents!

Libby Hunsdale from Netflix's Down for Love is a 19-year-old actress with Down Syndrome whose parents died when she was young. Follow to know her complete Wikipedia, including her net worth, parents, and Instagram handle (@libby.hunsdale).

Netflix's Down for Love is about six people with Down syndrome who are looking for a partner. The dating reality show follows the lives of those who have yet to discover their happily ever after. Individuals who are looking for a companion go on multiple dates and enjoy the wonderful parts of getting to know someone.

Libby Hunsdale is one of the people that became the subject of the reality television show. So, if you're fascinated by the star and curious to know more about her, personal life, and where she's now located. Look no further because here's her complete Wikipedia.

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Libby Hunsdale Is a 19-Year-Old Independent-Minded Star of Netflix’s Down for Love Who Is Looking for a Companion She Can Trust!

Libby Hunsdale (@libby.hunsdale) is one of the cast members of Netflix's Down for Love who is equally good behind the camera as she is in front of it. She has assisted with make-up and costumes backstage at the Wanganui Repertory Theatre.

When she is not attempting to advance her entertainment career, the reality star works as a digital creator. She is also an influencer for Project Employ, a disability service organization that assists persons with intellectual disabilities in finding suitable employment.

However, despite Libby Hunsdale's lovely demeanor, her childhood was not a rose garden. With her father no longer in the picture and a mother who died young, the reality star hid a lot of wounds beneath her sunny demeanor. Kim, Libby's mother, was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was just two years old. She lost her mother unexpectedly one night after a decade of terrible seizures.

Libby Hunsdale is one of the cast members of Netflix's Down for Love. blurred-reality.comLibby Hunsdale is one of the cast members of Netflix's Down for Love. 
Image Source: Instagram

Since then, Libby Hunsdale's grandmother, Barbara Andrews, has taken over her care and upbringing like her parents. As a young woman reaching her twenties, the Wanganui-based reality personality achieved significant milestones with the help of her uncle Shaun and loved ones.

Aside from exploring new places with her family, she grew up attending Wanaganui Girls' College. She also completed a hospitality training course through Training 4 You. Her interests were diverse from an early age. She tried to attain a multitude of opportunities while remaining true to her mother's lessons and without limiting herself due to the opinions of others.

Naturally, Libby Hunsdale has tried various ways to urge and inspire people to be genuine to themselves. Later, she pursued a modeling career over the years, appearing in many commercials and modeling for a variety of brands. The reality star's enthusiasm for entertainment also drove her to pursue other endeavors.

Down for Love is now streaming on Netflix. blurred-reality.comDown for Love is now streaming on Netflix. 
Image Source: Netflix

Similarly, in 2021, Libby starred in filmmaker Linda Niccol's Poppy, a feature film about a 19-year-old girl with Down Syndrome navigating her social and sexual life in high school. The rising actress has gained international recognition and acclaim for her work in the film, winning Best Actress at the SR Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York.

Know More About Libby Hunsdale: Net Worth & Her Career Beside Acting!

Along with advancing Libby Hunsdale flourishing career, she supports people with intellectual challenges. She continues to pursue all avenues of achievement as the first New Zealand actor with Down syndrome to achieve national and international acclaim. Meanwhile, her net worth has yet to be revealed.

Personality-wise, she is currently alone and not dating anyone. Despite appearing in the Netflix docu-series and trying to find love, the reality star failed to find love. While her first dates with Josh went well, she didn't feel the same way he did.

Eventually, Libby came out to her grandma during the broadcast, hoping to connect with a lady. As a result, she met Meimi, a Maori and Italian woman with Williams syndrome. Unfortunately, she was unable to make the connection she had planned to make.

Nonetheless, she remains resolute in her determination to locate the one. Naturally, we continue to look forward to Libby Hunsdale's future professional and personal achievements.

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