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Kwame Appiah’s Sister in Love Is Blind: Real or Fake? Did He Hire Barbara?

Apr 17, 2023 @ 3:06 EDT
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Kwame Appiah’s Sister in Love Is Blind: Real or Fake? Did He Hire Barbara?

Many people believe Kwame Appiah hired Barbara to become his sister for Love is Blind. However, we have yet to confirm if Barbara is his real or fake sister.

As each episode of Love is Blind airs on Netflix, more controversies and surprising events are revealed. This week, online sleuths have focused their attention on Kwame Appiah, a 33-year-old competitor on the show. After viewers met Kwame's sister, who many have referred to be "energetic" and "the best part" of him, the two are now facing criticism since netizens are alleging that his sister isn't who she claims to be.

Kwame is a 33-year-old Ghanaian-born sales development manager. In the pods, he developed feelings for Chelsea, a 31-year-old pediatric speech-language pathologist. Previously, he was devastated when Micah Lussier selected Paul Peden after he had first preferred him.

Before his marriage, his sister Barbara, and brother Jerry visited him. Recently, there have been rumors on the internet that Barbara isn't his real sister. Yes, people believe he hired a fake sister for the show. Well, let's discuss it in detail.

Previously, we touched on Monica Rodriguez, Paul Peden's long hair, and why he was arrested.

Netizens Believe Kwame Appiah Hired Barbara to Become His Sister for Love Is Blind!

Before saying "I do" to Chelsea, Kwame Appiah (@ayokwam) had visits from his brother Jerry and sister Barbara. His sister praised him as a "phenomenal husband," but he was still upset that his mother, who he considered to be his "best friend," had not given her approval. However, his sister reassured him that his father was "happy and supportive" of the wedding. She says his mother will "love Chelsea." One fan tweeted,

TikTok is saying Kwame hired a random Ghanaian woman to play his sister and tbh that wouldn’t surprise me.

After the tweet, another fan said, "Yeah he def hired her." A Netflix user also commented on the forum and said that Barbara was "a little too extra during her screen time." Another person countered by saying that Kwame and his sister have the "exact same nose," which seems to disprove the conspiracy theory.

Kwame Appiah and his sister, Barbara.Kwame Appiah and his sister, Barbara.
Source: MEAWW

At this point, we're unsure if Barbara is his real sister or a fake sister. The Love is Blind star has neither denied nor accepted the allegations. Matter of fact, a lot of people believe he hired someone to become his brother as well.

Among the other accusation made against Kwame are that he may be lying about having a family and being secretly married as well as faking a phone call between himself and his mother.

Kwame didn't bring a family member with him while the grooms were putting on their wedding outfits. Instead, he invited Jack Bonner, whom he had met while working on the fourth season of Love Is Blind. If it wasn't a warning sign, his staged phone conversation with his mother in a previous episode is another. Viewers never got to hear Kwame's mother's voice in the conversation. This seemed odd particularly given that the call was on speaker mode.

Following a trending TikTok from the previous week, many also think Kwame was on an earlier season of Married at First Sight. The video featured a man who resembled Kwame in a Lifetime reality TV episode. The caption read, "Not Kwame on Married at First Sight". Both programs are produced by Kinetic Content, and numerous comments raised the possibility of casting overlap.

We can all agree that his sister deserved an Emmy because she gave us something to speak about and - maybe - because she had a part. At this point, we still have many concerns regarding Kwame and the screening procedure for Love Is Blind.

Are Kwame and Chelsea Still Together?

Yes, they are still married and together. In addition, Kwame moved to Seattle, and Chelsea finally got to meet his mother, which was a source of conflict this season. Over Thanksgiving, according to Kwame, he took Chelsea to spend time with his family because "there was some real family time … So they [Chelsea and my mom] had a good first encounter, and we will leave it at that. And it's all about just progressing from there.”

Kwame Appiah and his wife, Chelsea.Kwame Appiah and his wife, Chelsea.
Source: Instagram

Additionally, things are going nicely in the romantic department. Previously, he said,

Married life is great. Married life is fantastic. It's definitely got its challenges. It's got its ups and downs, just like anything. But we're warming up to trying to figure out the next steps in our journey… I'm learning to appreciate the little parts of marriage, and it's really helping me understand the overall positive impact that it has on a human being.

Chelsea, on the other hand, is delighted to be living with her new husband. She said,

We're really excited for the future. And I'm looking forward to going back to the east coast.

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