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Paul Peden’s Long Hair: Love Is Blind Update!

Apr 16, 2023 @ 5:15 EDT
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Paul Peden’s Long Hair: Love Is Blind Update!

As seen on his Instagram (@paulpeden), Paul Peden from Love is Blind 4 previously had curly long hair and some fans want him to grow his hair back again.

Love is Blind on Netflix, created by Chris Coelen, is perhaps one of the most well-liked reality programs that viewers around just cannot help but watch with curiosity. The dating series tests the concepts of love and attraction in a way that has never been done before. The social experiment has amassed a sizable fan base since its debut in 2020.

Recently, Season 4 of the show premiered on the streaming platform. Paul Peden, one of the cast members of the latest season, has gained a lot of popularity since the premiere of the show. Many viewers, especially girls, have been his fans due to his gorgeous appearance and charming personality.

Additionally, his Instagram profile provides some useful insight into his reserved personality. Going through his Instagram, many people also noticed that he had long hair previously. Well, let's discuss it in detail.

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Love Is Blind: Paul Peden Previously Had Curly Long Hair and Some Fans Request Him to Grow His Hair Once Again!

In a collection of pictures from 2019, Paul Peden (@paulpeden) is seen exploring southern Italy. While the Love Is Blind star's long hair and other characteristics have undoubtedly altered, his interest in the outside world appears to have remained constant. He appears calm in the pictures, which were taken in several coastal locations, with his curly hair falling to his shoulders.

Paul Peden in his curly long hair.Paul Peden in his curly long hair.
Source: Instagram

Most of the pictures are of him and the stunning scenery he has seen on his journey, however, there are a few glimpses of him aboard a boat with other tourists. Fans who are shocked to see Paul's hair so long considering that it has been relatively short during his stay on Love Is Blind frequently leave fresh comments on the post.

Paul comes out as a kind person in the comments area, thanking individuals for their kind words and even praising one of his followers for having naturally curly hair. In response to a commenter's request, he even mulls on growing his curly hair out once more. Clearly, he likes interacting with his fans, especially when they're praising him.

Paul Peden's latest appearance.Paul Peden's latest appearance.
Source: Instagram

He has since trimmed his long hair and kept it short. However, it still is curly. No doubt, Paul looked absolutely dashing in those long hair and we can expect him to grow it sooner, especially considering the fact that a lot of his fans have been praising him for that look.

On the other hand, some Reddit users claim that they prefer Paul with his short hair. One Reddit user commented,

honestly i prefer him with the short hair he has on the show LOL (and i'm into long-haired dudes)

Paul Peden on Why He Said “No” at the Altar!

Paul Peden is talking openly about the time he made up his mind to marry Micah Lussier. True to his analytical character, the environmental scientist worried a lot with his groomsmen and his family about the dangers of saying yes or no. Micah surprised their guests by deciding that Paul should respond first after they were at the altar.

Paul told Us Weekly how and why he said no after the show's conclusion. He was "super torn" up until they were standing at the altar, so it was really a last-minute choice. The native of New Orleans insisted that he made his decision as soon as he said it out. Even though he instantly began to second-guess himself, he was certain that his decision was the correct one. He explained,

It was the right call, I think, at the time, and it was a realization that while we did love who we were in that moment, there’s a lot more to marrying someone than just that.

Even though they had a dramatic end to their relationship, Paul insisted that he really did love Micah. Due to his decision, they were the only Love Is Blind season 4 couple who did not marry in the finale. He couldn't see having children with Micah despite the fact that she reminded him of his own mother, suggesting that she lacked maternal instinct.

Before the wedding, the ex-couples clashed with Micah's friends as well. First, while in Mexico, her pod friend Irina made clear moves at Paul. Then Shelby, a bridesmaid, abruptly rejected him. Shelby smiled and said she was "relieved" as Micah raced away from the altar weeping.

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