Why Was Paul Peden Arrested? Love Is Blind Update!

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Why Was Paul Peden Arrested? Love Is Blind Update!

Paul Peden from Love is Blind recently uploaded a video of getting arrested on his Instagram (@paulpeden). However, we’re unsure why he was arrested or if it was fake.

Love is Blind on Netflix has a growing fan base that simply continues growing with each new season. Many people have the chance to discover their life partner because of the series’ original take on love, passion, and marriage. The journey that each couple must take to reach the altar is surely difficult, mostly because of the little amount of time. However, it does teach some connection and expectation-related knowledge to both the contestants and the audience.

Recently, the fourth season of the show arrived on the streaming platform. As expected, the contestants do not hold back to grab viewers’ attention. Paul Peden, one of the cast members of the show, is probably the most popular contestant in the new season.

Apart from why he said “No” at the altar and canceled the wedding with Micah, Paul has currently been making headlines as he recently posted a video on his Instagram of getting arrested. As a result, a lot of people are curious to know what actually happened. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Paul Peden From Love Is Blind Recently Uploaded a Video of Getting Arrested on His Instagram: What Was That For?

A day ago, Paul Peden (@paulpeden) posted a video in which a cop arrests him. While the Love is Blind star has not disclosed why and where he was arrested, we believe it was not for a serious reason. In fact, there’s a chance he asked the cop to handcuff him for the sake of making a video since he posted the video with a sarcastic caption,

Me when falling in love becomes illegal. #loveisblind

Paul Peden has yet to disclose why he was arrested.Paul Peden has yet to disclose why he was arrested.
Source: Instagram

While people online have been discussing the possible reason behind his arrest or the video, we believe Paul would not have posted the video if it was for something serious. On the other hand, a lot of people are making fun of him in the comments section. One user commented,

What the…is this for grabbing the bridesmaids a*s?? In all seriousness though doesn’t look like any jokes are being had here in the reel wt*f is going on pls thx

Similarly, another wrote,

You should be arrested for slapping Micah’s bridesmaid as you walked out the door! We all saw it, Paul! @loveisblindnetflix Can’t wait for you explain this madness on tonight’s reunion! Get’em Michah!!!

Thus, we’re currently unaware if the video was scripted or why he was arrested, if that was serious. Our team is digging hard to get your answer. We’ll certainly get back to you as soon as we get any updates.

What Happened Between Paul Peden and Micah Lussier?

We are aware that Paul Peden and Micah Lussier (@micah.lussier) had a lovey-dovey relationship in season four of Love Is Blind. The couple became closer as a result of sharing similar beliefs about raising a family and a love of travel while filming the reality program. Micah, however, thought about another romance with competitor Kwame Appiah.

Paul Peden and Micah at the altar.Paul Peden and Micah at the altar.
Source: IMDb

Micah eventually broke up her relationship with Kwame and went to Paul. Unfortunately, their relationship began to deteriorate after they began to disagree on how they should live and work. While he desired to relocate to Seattle, Micah wished to relocate to Arizona. Their friends also began expressing their worries as the noise intensified.

The priest first asked Micah whether she wanted him to be her husband as they exchanged vows at the altar but she passed the question to himl. It was undoubtedly contentious, but she later defended it by saying, “I did it was because I felt like the only way I could get a true answer from Paul was for him to answer first.”

Following the contentious event, Paul expressed his undying love for Micah but concluded by declaring the two were not yet prepared for marriage. In the end, he said “No” at the altar and Micah left the altar crying.