Julia Haart’s Diet: Know Why the ‘My Unorthodox Life’ Star Looks Too Skinny in Season 2!

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Julia Haart’s Diet: Know Why the ‘My Unorthodox Life’ Star Looks Too Skinny in Season 2!

Julia Haart’s diet has been a subject of concern as soon as Season 2 of My Unorthodox Life arrived on Netflix as she looks way too skinny. While her diet has yet to be disclosed, the 51-year-old entrepreneur admitted that she became anorexic following a divorce from Silvio Scaglia.

Even more drama and glitz! My Unorthodox Life‘s successful first season on Netflix led to a September 2021 renewal for an additional season (Season 2), continuing the show’s emphasis on fashion, family, and all things fantastic. Following their departure from their ultra-Orthodox Jewish community upstate, My Unorthodox Life chronicles the everyday lives of Julia Haart, the CEO of Elite World Group, and her family in New York City.

With the children she has with her first ex-husband Yosef HandlerBatsheva, Shlomo, Miriam, and Aron—the fashion designer demonstrates her business smart thinking and pleasant home life. Robert Brotherton, the COO of EWG, and Silvio Scaglia, Julia’s second ex-husband, both made appearances in season 1 of the show.

Now that the second season of the show has arrived on the streaming platform, we get to know about Julia’s completely changed life after divorcing Silvio. Following the separation, she also underwent a significant body transformation losing a massive 73 pounds due to an eating disorder. Additionally, many viewers have been seeking information about what she eats. Well, here is everything we know about her diet.

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Julia Haart’s Diet: The 51-Year-Old Entrepreneur Looks Way Too Skinny Following a Divorce From Silvio Scaglia!

No doubt, Julia Haart (@juliahaart) looks way too skinny these days. She has admitted to being anorexic following a divorce from Silvio Scaglia. She stated that she used to eat barely and she never felt hungry. It’s obvious your body doesn’t act normally when your life changes significantly. However, she has yet to disclose her diet. We’re unaware of what she used to eat and what she eats now.

Even if we’re unaware of what her diet is, we’re pretty sure she still doesn’t eat much these days too. She claimed to have been doing better recently but recovering from the weight loss of massive 73 pounds is no joke. She definitely had a long way to regain her previous body shape. It seems like her second divorce affected her mental health more than she could have imagined. Want to know more about their split with Silvio? Here we go!!

Silvio Scaglia, who appeared in My Unorthodox Life during its first season, is shown packing up his Manhattan penthouse where he previously lived with Haart in the opening episode of Season 2 of the show. The two appear to get along well and are even shown having a drink together at one point in the episode when Scaglia informs his former partner that they are “building things together” and talks about carrying on as a team even if their romance is gone.

The two had disagreements, according to Julia Haart, about the role that some of her children, some of whom live with her, had in their lives. They make better business partners than spouses, she continues. Julia explains in the episode that the couple is not planning a divorce, but rather a split, to keep the business running smoothly. But all changes when Haart learns she has been replaced as CEO, which prompts her to file for divorce.

Although the footage of their divorce is just now being featured on the Netflix series, the news of their divorce was first announced on February 14, 2022. The situation then becomes quite chaotic as Scaglia makes an attempt to return to the penthouse to collect different goods and accuses Haart of stealing a business Bentley, which she claims on the show she purchased herself. Meanwhile, divorce proceedings between the couple are still pending.

Before the release of the new episodes of My Unorthodox Life, Julia Haart spoke to Newsweek and said that filming the season while experiencing relationship difficulties was very difficult. She explained,

Honestly, I have a hard time watching it because it’s reliving all the traumas,. I knew my story had to be told to help and inspire people—and empower those who have seen themselves as a victim to being a survivor.

The mother of four continued by expressing gratitude to her children, Aron Hendler, Batsheva, and Shlomo Haart, for helping her get through the challenging year. She added,

My children have taken such good care of me, been so loving and attentive, that my eyes tear up even thinking about how grateful I am for their unconditional love and support.

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