Is Julia Haart Still Fired as the CEO of Elite World Group? My Unorthodox Life Update!

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Is Julia Haart Still Fired as the CEO of Elite World Group? My Unorthodox Life Update!

Yes, Julia Haart is still fired as the CEO of Elite World Group. Her ex-husband, Silvio Scaglia, fired her from the company as soon as they got divorced. Even though she is still fighting legally as the co-owner of the company, it appears that she currently does not serve as the CEO of EWG.

My Unorthodox Life is a Netflix original series that follows Julia Haart, a fashion tycoon and former ultra-Orthodox Jew, as she and her family try to find a balance between their history, present, and hopes for the future. The series provides information on Julia’s reasons for leaving the small-town culture, how it affected her relationships with her family, and how she turned her life into a feminist fairytale.

When we last saw Julia Haart in Season 1, she was happily married to Silvio Scaglia. The two of them had joined forces to buy Elite World Group, a prestigious modeling, and talent agency. Even as she dealt with her four children’s varied problems as they made the adjustment from living in a safe Orthodox community in upstate New York to being either “modern Orthodox” or not religious at all, she was enjoying her success as the CEO.

Now that Season 2 has arrived on the streaming platform, there’s a discussion about whether Julia Haart is still fired from the company as she revealed that Silvio fired her following their divorce. Yes, the couple isn’t together anymore. Well, let’s find out if Julia is still the CEO of EWG.

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From What We’ve Discovered, It Appears That Julia Haart Is Still Fired as the CEO of Elite World Group: My Unorthodox Life Update!

Julia Haart was fired as the CEO of Elite World Group soon as she and Silvio Scaglia divorced. From what we’ve discovered so far, we believe she is still fired. However, she has been putting up a legal fight to claim he rights as the CEO and co-owner of the company.

Julia announced that she and her husband Silvio were divorcing while the show was in production. She claims that their disagreement “doesn’t impact the business at all” and describes them as “great business partners.” After some time had passed, Julia revealed that Silvio had fired her from her position as CEO of Elite World Group, which she refers to as “the world’s greatest conglomerate of modeling agencies.”

Her ex-husband had blocked her email, removed his permission to use her credit card, and, as she puts it, “lost his freakin’ mind.” However, Julia had no intention of giving up the company without a struggle, declaring that she wasn’t going to “fold and crumble.” She kept her commitment. ]

Julia Haart (@juliahaart) stated during an interview on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in April 2022 that Silvio wasn’t allowed to fire her since they co-own the company together, adding that they’d “been planning the divorce for almost a year” when Silvio stunned her with a pink slip.

But Silvio’s legal team insisted that their client owned more than 99% of the voting shares of Elite World Group’s parent company, Freedom Holding, Inc., and labeled Julia’s claims of co-ownership as false.  In a March 2022 news release outlining their own accusations against Julia, Silvio’s attorneys provided the following account of what transpired:

On February 7, 2022, Ms. Haart was informed of her impending termination as CEO of EWG for cause, detailed in a letter from the company’s Board of Directors. The very next day, on February 8, Ms. Haart transferred $850,000 without permission from Freedom’s bank account to a company she solely owned. A lawsuit filed in New York’s Supreme Court a few days later described this cash transfer as “illegal” and a “misappropriation” of company funds. On February 9, Ms. Haart was terminated and removed as a member of the Board of Directors of EWG.

Julia, for her part, denied her ex’s claims that she misused her position as CEO. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she stated

It’s ridiculous. Honestly, what I can say, is these are genuinely ludicrous allegations. I’ve never taken a penny that doesn’t belong to me, and the beauty of knowing the truth is you know the truth, and to me, it’s just another battle that I have to face to fight for my freedom.

The Delaware Court of Chancery ruled in August 2022 that Julia did not have the right to a fifty percent ownership stake in the business, siding with Silvio in the ownership dispute. The judgment would also be appealed, Julia’s lawyer stated at the time. As of November 2022, Julia’s Instagram account still lists her as a “co-owner” of Elite World Group but we don’t see her serving as the CEO of the company currently.

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