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Our Take on Whether or Not Love Is Gender and Age Blind!

Oct 18, 2023 @ 2:55 EDT
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Our Take on Whether or Not Love Is Gender and Age Blind!

With the rising popularity of Netflix's Love Is Blind, many people have been seeking thoughts on whether or not love is really gender and age blind. Well, here's our take.

Every season of Love Is Blind has intense love triangles, heartbreaking breakups, and passionate romances before wrapping off with a wedding finale episode. Somehow, the Netflix dating show is mysterious because it manages to keep discovering brand-new horrors.

All of the participants chosen by Netflix appear to concur that constantly and quickly pouring all of your trauma on another person is the best way to fall in love. If it doesn't work, try again with the next anonymous person hiding behind the pod wall. The premise of the show is a straightforward gimmick: Men and women fall in love blindly and get married (or not) at the end of the season.

In the context of this show, love is blind as you don't get to see your partner until you want to get engaged. This means that you don't know what your possible partner looks like. On the other hand, we've found that many people have been wanting to know if the Love is gender and age blind too. Well, here's our take.

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Is Love Gender Blind?

Love Is Blind on Netflix has been pretty successful in finding partners for contestants every season. While many of the couples parted ways after the show, there are some couples who are still together to this date, take Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton from Season 1 or Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux from Season 3.

When someone says 'Love Is Blind,' this does not mean that only physical appearance does not matter. This also means that love is blind in many other different ways, including gender and age.

Love can be between anyone, regardless of their gender. blurred-reality.comLove can be between anyone, regardless of their gender.
Image Source: Instagram

It is frequently believed that love is gender-blind in the sense that it can transcend gender barriers. Love is a complicated and varied emotion. People of all genders can feel and experience love and it is not innately based on one's gender identification or the gender of the person they are in love with.

Love for people of any gender can exist among people of all gender identities. Numerous manifestations of love exist, including platonic, family, romantic, and more. The gender of those participating has no bearing on it. In conclusion, we believe love is completely gender-blind.

Is Love Age Blind?

Love is not ageless, but it may be age-inclusive. Love may and does exist between people of different ages, whether it be romantic, family, or platonic love. Love is a complicated, nuanced emotion that frequently crosses age barriers.

But there are crucial things to keep in mind when it comes to love and age, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. When there is a large age gap between two people, especially when one of them is a juvenile, age discrepancies can occasionally give rise to ethical or legal difficulties.

The age of consent and what is deemed appropriate in romantic relationships are governed by various laws and societal standards, which is an important element to take into account.

Two people with huge age difference is acceptable but can be problematic time and again. blurred-reality.comTwo people with huge age difference is acceptable but can be problematic time and again.
Image Source: NY Post

Although it is typically socially acceptable for adults to date people their own age in many cultures, huge age gaps can occasionally be viewed with suspicion or criticism. Any romantic connection should be built on mutual consent, respect, and understanding regardless of age.

In case you're above 18, make sure you're partner is above 18 years old as well. This will save you from being charged with legal laws at least. In conclusion, we believe love is age blind to some extent.

Love Is Blind now streaming on Netflix.

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