Joseph Abdin From Big Brother 24: Why Did He Replace AGT’s Marvin Achi? Instagram, Ethnicity, Florida Bar & More!

Shreeyantra Rai

Joseph Abdin From Big Brother 24: Why Did He Replace AGT’s Marvin Achi? Instagram, Ethnicity, Florida Bar & More!

Joseph Abdin, one of the cast members of CBS’ Big Brother Season 24, is a lawyer who replaced Marvin Achi just before the show premiered. The show made the announcement on Twitter and many believe Marvin’s participation on AGT might be the reason. Many viewers wonder if he really works for a Florida Bar. Follow the article to know more about Joseph Abdin, including his ethnicity and his Instagram handle.

It’s almost unbelievable that Big Brother‘s first season on CBS premiered 22 years ago. Keeping in mind the 23 seasons that have aired (excluding Celebrity Big Brother and other spinoffs), we’re talking about approximately 300 housemates who have fiercely competed against one another for the chance to be the last person standing.

In the 24th season of the show, CBS has indicated that viewers should expect the unexpected.  It sounds like the audience should prepare for some unexpected surprises and this new batch of contenders should brace themselves for some curveballs.

Talking about the unexpected, fans were confused on the eve of the Big Brother season 24 premiere when one of the 16 houseguests was suddenly replaced with a new cast member. On July 5, CBS announced the arrival of Marvin Achi, a 28-year-old chemical engineer from Houston, Texas, and his other 15 house guests.

However, later that evening, the network openly stated on Twitter that Marvin would no longer be competing for the $750,000 top prize. Joseph Abdin was brought in to take his place. Many viewers seek more information about Joseph. Well, here is everything we know about Joseph Abdin.

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Who Is Joseph Abdin From CBS’ Big Brother 24? Instagram, Ethnicity, Florida Bar & More; Here Is Why He Replaced Marvin Achi?

According to his bio published by CBS, Joseph Abdin (@abdinjoseph) is an Asian- American Lawyer. It’s unknown what kind of law he practices, but viewers will undoubtedly learn more about him once he’s featured on the show. Many viewers wondered if he was a lawyer in a Florida Bar. However, we’ve no information about that for now.

Joseph isn’t the only houseguest who practices law on season 24; Minnesota-based attorney Michael Bruner, age 28, is also an attorney. It will be intriguing to observe whether Joseph and Michael team up or split up.

Joseph Abdin is from Lake Worth, Florida, which is around 60 miles north of Miami in Palm Beach County. Joseph is one of four house guests from Florida this season. The other three are assistant football coach Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, personal chef Nicole Layog, and marketing representative Alyssa Snider.

Joseph was a backup for BB24 and wouldn’t have been there if Marvin’s situation hadn’t changed. Marvin was not chosen for the cast, but CBS has yet to say why. Fans believe it is related to Marvin’s performance on the NBC talent competition show America’s Got Talent (AGT). Marvin gave a show tryout in episode two (which aired June 7). He removed his lab coat and displayed his muscles and abs, which was sufficient to move on to the next round.

In this Big Brother season, Joseph Abdin appears to be a highly loyal contestant. He stated that he would vote with his team rather than flip a vote in favor of his own game in a pre-season interview with Parade.

Joseph is aware that his behavior can irritate the other residents. In the same Parade interview, Joseph was also asked what his house guests could dislike about him when they arrive on July 6. Joseph Abdin said,

“I eat a lot of food. I’m definitely gonna eat. To the point where they’re not gonna be able to eat as much. I’m also always working out, whether it’s yoga, meditation, or weightlifting. I don’t really sleep, so it can be annoying for other people if they want to get some rest and I’m doing something.”

Following Marvin’s selection as the new Big Brother house guest on Tuesday, Joseph Abdin did another interview with Global TV. Abdin responded to the question of why he wanted to be on the reality TV show:

“Being admired and appreciated by fans because doing this – the money is great and everything – but I have a bigger purpose and bigger reasoning for wanting to do this. And I think doing it for the people out there and the entertainment is far more rewarding than the money.”

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