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Jordan Williams From Outlast: Find the Former US Marine on Instagram!

Mar 13, 2023 @ 19:43 EDT
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Jordan Williams From Outlast: Find the Former US Marine on Instagram!

Jordan Williams, one of the cast members of Netflix's Outlast, is a former US Marine who currently works as a carpenter. In the show, he revealed that he had a low-fat reservation than everyone else's and was eventually eliminated for medical reasons after he ran out of food. Follow to know more about Jordan with his Instagram handle (@jordan_xx_williams).

Outlast on Netflix is surely a delight for fans of survival stories. 16 people, split into four groups, competed in the reality program by attempting to survive the chilly Alaskan rainforests. To earn the $1 million in total prize money, the competitors must attempt to outlast one another.

It's an endurance game, but there's a catch: you have to work as a team to win. Their ruthless attempts to defeat one another without anybody to stop them will put both their patience and their desire to survive to the test.

Despite their best efforts, some contestants are forced to quit the competition earlier than they would have preferred. However, Jordan Williams' situation was not as straightforward. His exit from the program was anything from simple, and many viewers burst into tears. Naturally, many viewers want to know more about Jordan and what exactly made him leave the show earlier. Well, here's everything you need to know.

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Jordan Williams From Outlast: As He Passed Out While Walking in the Competition, He Was Ultimately Eliminated Because of Medical Reasons!

Jordan Williams (@jordan_xx_williams), the youngest competitor on Netflix's Outlast, is a 25-year-old survivalist from Fort Collins, Colorado. Williams previously served in the United States Marine Corps and has participated in a variety of other grueling excursions. For Jordan, being abandoned in the wilds of Alaska won't be anything new. He has already mentioned that he is comfortable in a variety of environments, such as the jungle, the desert, and hilly, amphibious, and aquatic terrains.

In the show, he immediately discovered himself in Delta Camp with Paul Preece, Dawn Nelson, and Joel Hungate after not being selected for the initial three teams to be formed. He enlisted their enthusiastic cooperation as he encouraged them to work together, determined to show everyone wrong and possibly win.

As they rapidly built a base and lit a fire for the first night, Jordan's confidence in his comrades paid off. This increased his commitment to the competition, especially given that Delta Camp was the final team to still have all four of its founding members together. Jordan also made the decision to speak with Charlie Camp members in the hopes of engaging in some mind games. Yet, the outcome was not what he would have anticipated.

The situation changed when the competitors had to construct a raft to get to an island in the Neka river and collect the secret crab pots. Jordan was ultimately chosen to go on the raft for the trip, and when he saw Angie Kenai from Charlie Camp, he even made the decision to do some push-ups. He was disappointed to see that the river's current caused him to miss the island.

Already running low on food, Jordan was anxious about his health and capacity to continue in the competition. He admitted he could already feel his ribs and that his fat reserves were lower than everyone else's. Jordan wanted to keep going but ultimately passed out while walking, which worried his teammates and the showrunners had to take him to the hospital.

It was revealed that Jordan would be given the option to decide if he wanted to return to the show after waking up since he had not used his flare pistol. While Delta Camp's surviving members wanted their friend back, they were also very concerned for his health. Jordan's handwritten note for the squad was soon sent to them in the form of a letter. He apologized that he would not be able to play much longer and asked his teammates to keep playing hard to win the match for their loved ones.

Jordan Williams appears to constantly be happy being outdoors and is living life to the fullest. The reality TV star recently went elk hunting, and he regularly visits shooting ranges to improve his shooting techniques. Jordan now works for Superior Construction in Fort Collins, Colorado, as a carpenter. Above all else, he is a devoted member of the family.

Remi and Teddy, Jordan's two daughters, love him to the moon and back. Thanks to the newborn boy that the reality TV star and his partner, Florence, will have in June 2023, the Williams family will soon grow. Jordan has our best wishes for the future and we want him to have a lifetime of joy.

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