Jill Ashlock From Netflix’s Outlast: Reddit Users Seek Her Instagram Handle & Age and Where She Is Now!

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Jill Ashlock From Netflix’s Outlast: Reddit Users Seek Her Instagram Handle & Age and Where She Is Now!

Jill Ashlock, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Outlast, is a 40-year-old private investigator, firefighter, and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) who is constantly willing to step up and take the necessary actions to accomplish her objectives. She was also the runner-up in the show. As Reddit users inquired, she now lives in New Haven, Kentucky, with her 3 children. Follow to know more about Jill with her Instagram handle (@thegypsyrambler).

There are a ton of reality TV programs on Netflix that delight us while also pushing our thinking in unexpected directions. Outlast, a program that is sure to win over many admirers, is one of those programs that we think meets this description. It is a survivalist show where 16 contestants are left to fend for themselves in the wilderness while facing severe weather and even more extreme circumstances.

Despite having differing perspectives on life, they must learn to get along and work in teams since there is so much at stake—a hefty monetary reward of $1 million. If they figure it out, they’ll return home richer than when they started. Yet, if they can’t put aside their egos and cooperate, they will return home empty-handed. The trick in Outlast is that teams are required and lone wolves are not allowed to win.

Even though Jill Ashlock just missed winning the competition, her time on the reality series was unquestionably enjoyable. Of course, many people, especially Reddit users, have been interested to know more about Jill, including her age and where she is now. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

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Jill Ashlock From Netflix’s Outlast: The 40-Year-Old Is a Private Investigator, Firefighter, and Emergency Medical Technician Who Is Ready to Take the Necessary Actions to Accomplish Her Objectives!

Jill Ashlock (@thegypsyrambler) from Netflix’s Outlast is now succeeding in both her personal and professional lives. 40 years old by age, she works as a private investigator, firefighter, and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Jill is constantly willing to step up and take the necessary actions to accomplish her objectives, as seen by the show. It’s interesting to note that she has been on television with other companies than Netflix, including CBS, The Weather Channel, and Lunacy Productions. Jill has also posed for Harley-Davidson and Ross Dress for Less. She also supervises the Chickasaw Archery Club’s indoor archery program.

Talking about her time on the show, Jill joined Alpha Camp right away as soon as she entered the set of the show. She appeared to get along with Lee Ettinger and Amber Asay, but she and Justin Court had been at odds since the beginning. Jill was not pleased that her voice did not wind up being the best during the argument about the best location to set up camp. She soon had to face the truth that Lee was departing. She believed that others who had left before him were to blame for this since they could have given her teammate encouragement to do so.

Jill was not impressed that her team was taking longer than the other teams to build a raft and collect crab pots from a river island. Justin continued building their raft till the next day even though all the other groups had already made an effort to finish their task. Disappointed, Jill and Amber made the decision to walk the distance and cross the river at low tide. Even though the mission was successful, it made things more contentious between the girls and Justin.

Jill and her teammates made the decision to take all the sleeping bags from the Delta Camp after noticing the low morale in Camps Charlie and Delta. Justin was able to carry out the strategy despite some obstacles. Unfortunately, this action also made them infamous with Bravo Camp, which thought that such behavior was harsh.

Soon later, Jill discovered that Javier Colon, Bravo’s final survivor, was attempting to work with Delta Camp and tried to steal his supplies. He was forced to leave the show due to the subsequent events, but he was happy to have destroyed his team’s log cabin so that Alpha Camp could not utilize it.

When only Camps Alpha and Charlie were left, Charlie approached Jill and begged her to join their cause. Although the survivalist’s practical side supported the idea, she did not believe she could leave Amber behind since she saw her as a “spirit sister.” Jill rejected the offer after giving it some thought and having a talk across the Neka river. She and Amber had gotten suspicious that Justin was taking more fish than he should have from the team’s previous catch at the same time.

After arguing with both ladies, Justin agreed to move to Charlie Camp. He stole some supplies from the Alpha Camp base and tore down their tarp. Charlie Camp left the show when Jill, furious, wrote out everything that Justin had allegedly done on a piece of paper and gave it to him by an arrow.

It was now time for the last job, and both teams were competing with one another to reach a predetermined spot as quickly as possible while navigating the perilous road that lay in front of them. The girls were devastated since they came so close to winning the task but lost it due to a small mistake in directions.

Regarding her relationship status, Jill Ashlock has been happily married to her husband, Kyle Ashlock, since July 4, 2008. She is quite happy for her son, who graduated in May 2022. Jill also seems to like teaching her granddaughter new things and seems to care for her. The mother of three, who calls New Haven, Kentucky home, is an excellent angler and has won a number of tournaments. She was ranked #1 in her state for the sport of archery, demonstrating her excellent abilities. In addition, Jill appears to be like motorbikes and wall climbing.

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