Javier Colon From Outlast: Reddit Users Seek the Instagram Handle of the 42-Year-Old Traveler!

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Javier Colon From Outlast: Reddit Users Seek the Instagram Handle of the 42-Year-Old Traveler!

Javier Colon, one of the contestants of Netflix’s Outlast, is a 42-year-old traveler who has an experience of more than 23 years in outdoor traveling. He is also renowned for traveling 18,000 miles on a bicycle from Canada to Tierra del Fuego. As Reddit users inquired, he was eliminated from the show as he was left alone by all of his team members and was denied by the other teams. Follow to know more about Javier with his Instagram handle (@hungryguyonabicycle). 

Outlast on Netflix takes viewers on an exciting adventure across some of the world’s most hazardous but stunning locations. Each contender worked together to make the greatest use of their abilities in the hopes of winning the million-dollar cash prize awarded to the survival show.

The sixteen competitors come from varied origins and geographical areas in North America. These self-described lone wolves of the Outlast cast must cooperate as a team in order to survive the dangers of bears, persistent rain in the rainforest, and the struggle to locate food, shelter, and clean drinking water. Against nature’s worst conditions, they crafted, hunted, and did whatever they could to live.

Unfortunately, despite one’s desire to continue, things frequently go wrong and one is eliminated. Even though Javier Colon had to go through a similar experience, the other contestants as well as all the viewers still loved him. Many people, especially Reddit users, have been wondering what exactly happened and where he is these days. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Javier Colon From Outlast: The 42-Year-Old Traveler Was Eliminated From the Show as All of His Teammates Walked Away From the Show and Other Teams Denied to Include Him on Their Team!

Javier Colon (@hungryguyonabicycle), who entered Outlast at the age of 42, joined Bravo Camp not long after the show had started. While leading a nomadic lifestyle gave him the opportunity to master numerous survival skills, it also made him uneasy about cooperating with others as a team member. His attempts to gain leadership of his unit amused and angered Brian Kahrs, Timothy “Tim” Spears, and Corey Johnson.

Tim and Corey made the choice to walk away from the tournament after experiencing several difficulties on the first night and feeling uncomfortable working under Javier’s “micromanaging”. He and Brian were the only two members of Bravo Camp who made an effort to improve the conditions. The duo’s base appeared to be superior to the bases of the other groups since it was a substantial wood home. Also, they might join forces with Alpha Camp, though they soon regretted that choice.

The Alpha Camp notified Javier and Brian that they intended to rob the bases of the other two camps soon after the crab pot task. The two, despite their relationship, had little interest in the proposal. When they discovered that Justin Court of Alpha Camp had taken all the sleeping bags from Delta Camp, they were beyond frightened. The next day, Brian voluntarily left because of the methods, which greatly annoyed Javier because he was left without a teammate.

Javier went to Delta Camp to join a new squad since being part of a team was the only option to remain in the competition. Joel Hungate and Dawn Nelson, two possible new teammates, were invited to join him at his camp since it was properly constructed and included an additional sleeping bag. Alpha Camp overheard the talk in the meanwhile and made the decision to attempt a raid on Bravo Camp’s base. Javier swiftly returned to his base and gathered most of his belongings before joining Delta Camp across the Neka river.

Sadly, Dawn and Joel made the decision to withdraw from the tournament as well. They had been finding it difficult to survive without their sleeping bags in the Alaskan tundra and had become weary of the way the game was being conducted.

Javier made the decision to set fire to his log cabin in order to prevent his opponents from using it for themselves given their recent conflict with Alpha Camp. In desperation, he went up to Charlie Camp and asked if he may join them. They gently denied the solo player, which resulted in his elimination, due to their recent alliance with the Alpha Camp.

Javier Colo is a traveler at heart and spends most of his time traveling, while having his principal home in San Francisco, California. He appears to be discovering Vietnam’s beauty as of this writing and frequently posts updates on social media. Javier has achieved some amazing feats thanks to his more than 23 years of experience in the field of outdoor travel.

There are few things the reality TV personality likes more than exploring and riding, whether it is 32 days spent backpacking across Spain or traveling 18,000 miles on a bicycle from Canada to Tierra del Fuego. Javier’s love of food, which he indulges in when visiting various locations across the world, is the only thing that appears to be comparable to his passion for traveling.

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