Andrea Hilderbrand From Netflix’s Outlast: The 51-Year-Old Was One of the Strongest Contestants in the Show!

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Andrea Hilderbrand From Netflix’s Outlast: The 51-Year-Old Was One of the Strongest Contestants in the Show!

Andrea Hilderbrand, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Outlast, is a 51-year-old CrossFit athlete who loves cycling, running, and other physical adventures as well as works as a Project Manager. Unfortunately, she had to leave the show earlier as she became extremely sick.

Outlast is a new eight-part Netflix reality series in which competitors compete for a $1 million prize. In the show, 16 lone wolves attempt to outlive the Alaskan wilderness under the strict condition that they form a winning team. Yet, no one is eliminated from this series; the only way to leave is to give up and leave the contest.

Because players can switch teams at any time, there is a chance for unexpected collaborations, drama, and possible backstabbing. As a result, they not only need to survive the wilderness but also need to strive to win over other team members. Teams must successfully establish a camp in order to live in Alaska’s hostile climate. As the series was filmed in the fall, there is rain, cold weather, and bear activity as winter approaches.

Andrea Hilderbrand, one of the members of Charlie Camp alongside AngieNick, and Seth, has been an interest of many viewers. People are curious to know what her background is and her journey in the show. Well, let’s get started.

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Andrea Hilderbrand From Netflix’s Outlast: The 51-Year-Old CrossFit Athlete Left the Show Earlier Because of Medical Reasons!

Andrea Hilderbrand, 51, is a Charlotte, North Carolina resident who is in excellent physical shape. She comes from a close-knit family and is originally from Troy, North Carolina. She is one of the strongest contestants on Netflix’s Outlast since she enjoys running, cycling, and many other activities. Andrea enjoys competing in CrossFit contests, and in 2017 she placed 16th overall in the Women’s (45-49) division.

In an interview with Live Active Charlotte, she shared her inspiration and credo. She said,

JUST DO IT! Don’t be scared to try new things. Change and placing yourself in uncomfortable positions may be scary at first, but it’s the only way we grow and realize our true potential. Just remember that there is no harm in trying to better oneself and that you will always have support along the way.

Upon her enrollment at Pfeiffer University, Andrea earned a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Mathematics. She also holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering/Engineering Management from the University of South Florida, which shows just how brilliant this woman is.

However, it is obvious that Andrea would have succeeded if she had not become so terribly ill during the first six episodes. The reality TV personality joined Pratt & Whitney as an engineer and eventually advanced to senior engineer while pursuing her master’s degree. She left the company after working there for six and a half years.

Andrea began working for ESPN as a stage manager in 2007 and worked there for more than seven years. She began her career with Siemens in 2015 as a Project Manager and has subsequently attained the position of Procurement Specialist.

While balancing her profession, family, and love of the outdoors, the engineer truly has it all. She enjoys pushing herself physically every day, whether it be by running or just trekking to the highest peaks. The reality TV star’s current love partner, Phillip “Rudy” Rudisill, has also hiked with her on several occasions. Andrea has our best wishes for a lifetime of joy and success.

Will There Be Season 2 of Outlast?

As of this writing, Netflix has neither canceled nor renewed Outlast. Given that it is an unscripted original series, we would be careful about expecting a renewal because the production looks to typically be on a cheap budget given that the set is an open wilderness. But, we won’t be able to be certain until we hear an announcement from the platform because the substantial $1 million prize money might be a barrier.

Always have hope. But for the time being, it appears that we will simply have to relax and watch Outlast Season 1, which is presently available on Netflix.

If this is the end, at least Netflix will continue to produce unscripted original stuff for us to enjoy. Squid Game: The Challenge, a real-life Squid Game reality program that the platform has taped and will ultimately run on the platform, was the subject of significant criticism.

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