Angie Kenai From Netflix’s Outlast: Find Her on Instagram!

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Angie Kenai From Netflix’s Outlast: Find Her on Instagram!

Angie Kenai, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Outlast, is a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) based in San Antonio, TX. She was compelled to leave the show as she wasn’t able to bear the continual pain in her stomach since she had gone 24 days without having a bowel movement. Follow to know more about Angie with her Instagram handle (@angie_in_alaska).

Outlast on Netflix has won over viewers who like survival adventures all across the world. Given how unexpected events might turn out, the reality program may have been intended to evaluate the efficiency of collaboration in the wilderness, but it has instead offered the audience much more.

16 protagonists from the show are dropped on Chichagof Island by the Neka River, in a desolate area of Alaska just west of Juneau.  All of these people consider themselves “lone wolves” who prefer to work alone, and most of them have some experience hunting, fishing, or otherwise living outside. Yet, these alleged “lone wolves” will need to work in teams if they want to win the $1 million prize offered to those who make it through the contest’s 45 days.

Angie Kenai, one of the show’s most interesting contestants, had a remarkable trip cut short by events beyond her control. Obviously, people are curious to learn more about the contestant and her current whereabouts. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Angie Kenai From Netflix’s Outlast: She Was Eliminated From the Show Because of Medical Reasons!

Angie Kenai (@angie_in_alaska) joined Charlie Camp as soon as she entered the set of Netflix’s Outlast. The 30-year-old was committed to winning, along with her teammates Nick Radner, Andrea Hilderbrand, and Seth Lueker. She was not pleased with Nick’s attitude toward taking charge, though. Angie was initially happy to have a female teammate, but she soon became quite unhappy when Andrea opted to leave the program for medical reasons.

Angie, who was now the only woman on her team, was upset with the way her teammates worked. At the crab pot challenge, the simmering tension erupted into a heated disagreement when she insisted that she wanted to be the one on the raft, an option that Nick strongly opposed. Angie, however, was the only one to obtain crab pots for the task and represented her squad. This significantly reduced tensions between Charlie Camp’s members.

Paul Preece switching from Angie’s squad to Delta Camp did cause tensions between the two teams, but it also contributed to Charlie Camp winning the match. Javier Colon asked to join Angie and her comrades after they formed an alliance with Alpha Camp, but they had to decline in order to avoid complicating matters. When the winter got more severe and there were only two teams left in the game, Camps Charlie and Alpha were offered the opportunity to go fishing.

Normally, having a lot of food would be a good thing, but Angie was a different case. She couldn’t stop crying the next day because of the continual pain in her stomach. She was reportedly at significant risk of perforation since she had gone 24 days without having a bowel movement. This meant that a hole may be ripped open in her digestive tract, allowing the contents to spill and contaminate her blood.

Understanding that the situation may become fatal, Angie was quickly evacuated to receive the necessary treatment, following which she would have the option of returning or exiting. She ultimately left the show without coming back and instead sent a heartfelt message to her teammates, apologizing and urging them to continue playing until the very end.

Angie is a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) who resides in San Antonio, TX. As of now, Angie is actively promoting the Netflix series on her social media, appearing to have recovered from her health problems. Because she formerly served in the Texas State Guard, the reality TV personality is used to difficult living circumstances.

Due to having a dad in the military, she spent her childhood moving throughout the country with her younger brother and sister. She gained a thorough understanding of many types of topography and weather patterns as a result.

Additionally, Angie Kenai prefers to spend as much of her leisure time as possible outside. She enjoys hunting in addition to hiking, and she favors recurve bows when pursuing pigs and turkeys. She is familiar with how axes, knives, and firearms operate. The ex-State Guard is also skilled with firearms and slingshots.  She is also a pro at building nets and traps to collect fresh meat. The reality TV personality, who has a healthy relationship and a shark tattoo on her arm as a reminder, is optimistic about achieving her next ambition of capturing one.

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