Is Shaya Rosenberg Engaged? Jewish Matchmaking Update!

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Is Shaya Rosenberg Engaged? Jewish Matchmaking Update!

Jewish Matchmaking fans can’t help but speculate if Shaya Rosenberg is engaged after his break up with Fay on the Netflix show.

Jewish Matchmaking is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now, and naturally, fans can’t stop talking about the couples. Fay Brezel and Shaya Rosenberg were one such pair whose romance didn’t last, but the dating program provided us with a glimpse into the life of Shaya Rosenberg, a practicing Orthodox Jew, who will be fondly remembered by viewers.

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Jewish Matchmaking: Is Shaya Rosenberg Engaged?

There are some speculations on the internet that Shaya Rosenberg (@shaya_rosenberg) from Jewish Matchmaking got engaged this week. It is certainly apparent on Twitter, where one fan, who presumably knows Shatya personally, posted a tweet that read, “FYI, Shaya got engaged last night. Also, the ‘rebbi’ isn’t a rebbi. It’s Dr. Jack Cohen the dating coach.”

The user was responding to a tweet that was throwing shade at Jewish Matchmaking, claiming that the program looked like a video ad to donate to some yeshiva with warm rebbeim rather than a Netflix show.

Meanwhile, there is no proper evidence to support this speculation, and Shaya has not publicly confirmed or denied if he got engaged, so we gotta await more official confirmation if that is the case. Fans, understandably, wish to learn more about Shaya’s personal life, so there are looking everywhere for some updates or announcements concerning his relationship status.

Update: Shaya Rosenberg is now confirmed to be engaged to his now-fiancée Hoovee.

Are Shaya and Fay Still Together?

Fay and Shaya on Jewish Matchmaking.Fay and Shaya on Jewish Matchmaking.
Image Source: Cinemaholic.

Shaya Rosenberg got paired with Fay Brezel (another Orthodox Jew) on Jewish Matchmaking. The Netflix alums started off really well, but their chemistry quickly fizzed away when both of them realized that their beliefs were not as aligned as they initially thought. However, Shaya was respectful and understanding of the whole situation and he left with grace and maturity.

Since their break up, Shaya and Fay (@faybrezel) have moved on with their respective lives. The duo often interact with each other on social media, particularly Instagram, which implies they’re still good friends.

On a professional front, Fay is presently running her company Okclarity while Shaya is busy working as the Principal Broker at The Syper Group, a commercial real estate firm in New York City.

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