How Can You Apply for Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix?

Natalia Romanova

How Can You Apply for Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix?

You can apply for Jewish Matchmaking by visiting the website Netflix has created for everyone to submit their videos and fill out the forms.

If there’s one thing that no one can deny, it’s that Netflix‘s Jewish Matchmaking truly lives up to its title and parent production by being a near-perfect blend of cozy and cringy. Since it is a variant of the polarizing well-liked Indian Matchmaking, the only distinction between the two concepts is the target cultural groups and the lead facilitators.

Thus, this unique reality dating show goes deeper into both the realities of traditional and modern Judaism as well as the process of shidduch (arranged dating with the goal of marriage).

With the release of Season 1 of the show, many Jewish people have been impressed by the concept of the show. On the other hand, many Jewish singles have been dreaming of applying for the next season to find their ideal partner. As a result, they wonder how they can apply for the show. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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You Can Apply for Jewish Matchmaking by Visiting the Website Netflix Has Created for Selecting Candidates for Reality Shows!

There’s no doubt that Season 1 of Jewish Matchmaking has been a success for Netflix. People have loved the classic way to find a true partner and wish to appear in the next season (2). We have to note that the second season of the show has yet not been renewed. However, you can still apply for the show.

You can apply for Jewish Matchmaking by visiting their official website.You can apply for Jewish Matchmaking by visiting their official website.
Image Source: Netflix

First of all, you have to go to the website Netflix has prepared for all the reality shows people can apply for. You can click right here to visit the website. On the top right of the screen, you can see “submit your video.” After clicking there, you can select Jewish Matchmaking among many reality shows. Then all you have to do is give the required information.

That’s it. This way you can apply for the next season. Even though it has not been renewed for Season 2, we also have to keep in mind that it has not been canceled either. Keep your heads up. From all the popularity and praise the show has been getting, we can expect the creators might soon announce the second season of the show.

In case the show gets renewed, the creators will select the candidates from thousands of other applications. They will reach out to you to complete further procedures before you officially get selected for the show.

Jewish Matchmaking Filming Locations!

According to The Cinemaholic, the Netflix show is filmed in Israel, Florida, California, Wyoming, Illinois, New York, Kansas, and particularly Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Miami, Los Angeles, Jackson Hole, and Chicago. The first season of Jewish Matchmaking‘s principal photography reportedly got underway in late 2021. Let’s follow Aleeza Ben Shalom now and get a full overview of all the places in the Netflix series where she assists Jewish singles in finding love!

Jerusalem, one of the world’s oldest cities, is one of the principal filming locations for Jewish Matchmaking, primarily because it is a holy city for Judaism and the ancestral home of the Jewish people. As Aleeza moves throughout Jerusalem, Aleeza changes the lives of various single people and assists them in finding a romantic companion.

Jewish Matchmaking has yet not been renewed for Season 2.Jewish Matchmaking has yet not been renewed for Season 2.
Image Source: Insider

Tel Aviv, another Israeli city that is prominent in the show, is located on the country’s Mediterranean coast. In numerous exterior shots throughout the episode, you might spot the city’s tall skyscrapers and various parks, including Hayarkon Park, Independence Park, and Meir Park.

In addition to Miami, the show also has several crucial scenes that are filmed in and around Los Angeles. You will occasionally be distracted from other features of the series by the huge and diverse terrains of the Southern Californian city.

Another location used for the Netflix dating series’ filming is the scenic Jackson Hole Valley, which is located between the Gros Ventre and Teton mountain ranges in Wyoming. The beauty of the valley, which includes notable Jackson Hole locations like Jackson Square, the National Elk Refuge, the Teton Range, and Sheep Mountain, symbolizes the relationships the Jewish singles in the series created.

Additional Jewish matchmaking parts were captured in and around Chicago, also referred to as Chi-Town. There are several places in the city that are ideal for first dates, and the Jewish singles in the show who live there are said to use them to the utmost. Likewise, the show is also filmed partially in New York State.