Ballet Dancer Colleen Reed from Love is Blind Season 3: Age, Ballerina, Instagram, Ballet North Texas, Reddit & More!

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Ballet Dancer Colleen Reed from Love is Blind Season 3: Age, Ballerina, Instagram, Ballet North Texas, Reddit & More!

Colleen Reed, 27, is a ballet dancer and digital PR professional who is also featured in Season 3 of Netflix’s Love is Blind. The ballerina’s passion for ballet began at a young age when she began training under the mentorship of Oleg Briansky and Mireille Briane. Some Reddit users wonder where she works now. Well, the brunette beauty is currently a member of Ballet North Texas and has previously performed in The Nutcracker, Mizrah, and Night on the Trinity. Follow to know more about Colleen with her Instagram handle.

Love Is Blind has returned after an eight-month break (and a little messy After the Wedding special). The third season of Netflix‘s reality hit-turned-social experiment has now finally arrived on the streaming service, having been shot immediately after season 2. This time, 30 singles from the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area enter the pods hoping for love (unaware that the show’s odds are…not the best), which is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey,

Love is Blind, with complicated emotions, deep vulnerability, tremendous drama, and unmatched romance at the forefront is actually a reality dating series unlike any other. That’s because it lives up to its title in every way possible, following a group of hopeful individuals as they meet, socialize, and become engaged — all without ever seeing each other. Meanwhile, Seasons 1 and 2 are already accessible on Netflix.

Similarly, Colleen Reed, the Texan ballet dancer who was subjected to some severe rejections in the first few episodes of the show, would undoubtedly know what that feels like to be in the show. She struggled to find the proper partner as her fellow participants were getting intimate with each other, as all of the men of her choice were rejecting her.

Despite the trauma, the reality star eventually met sales executive Matt Bolton, which led to the two becoming engaged. As her new relationship began, many Reddit users became curious about her past life and wonder about her background.

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Colleen Reed From Love Is Blind Season 3: The 27-Year-Old Ballerina/Ballet Dancer Is a Member of Ballet North Texas; Find Her on Instagram; Reddit Update!

Colleen Reed (@jellybean.colleen), a 27-year-old ballet dancer, and digital PR specialist feels that when someone finds the one, they get an instant feeling. So, she got into auditioned for Netflix’s series Love is Blind Season 3, hoping to experience that sensation on the show. Similarly, according to her Netflix profile, she is ready to meet the love of her life and is also convinced that her future lover is in the pods.

Colleen was born on October 26, 1995, in Easton, Pennsylvania, and now resides in Dallas, Texas. Her passion for ballet began at an early age when she trained under Oleg Briansky and Mireille Briane. Likewise, the brunette beauty has also appeared in ballets such as the Boston Ballet, the Orlando Ballet, and the Nashville Ballet.

Meanwhile, the ballerina enrolled at the University of Oklahoma in 2014, received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations in 2018, and was a member of the Alpha Phi Society. At the same time, she was working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance (also completed in 2018). Meanwhile, she was mentored by Mary Margaret Holt, Michael Bearden, and Austin Hartel throughout her academic years. Likewise, she also traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to perform in the Centre de Dansa de Catalunya Gala.

Similarly, Colleen Reed also began working as a Social Media Coordinator at Discover Oklahoma in June 2017, but she departed the organization the following year. She then joined Ballet Frontier in August 2018 as a Social Media Account Manager and worked until September 2019. Likewise, she even danced professionally for the company where Chung-Lin Tseng was the director. In addition, in August 2018, she began working as an Administrative Assistant at Dunham and Jones Law Office, where she still serves in the position of writing.

Likewise, Colleen also joined Oklahoma International Dance Festival in September 2019 as a Freelance Marketing And Public Relations Coordinator and hasn’t left since. The reality TV star also joined Fractl in December 2019 as a Media Relations Strategist before progressing to Senior Digital PR Strategist in June 2022. Likely, she is also a member of Ballet North Texas and has previously been in The Nutcracker, Mizrah, and Night on the Trinity.

Colleen Reed made numerous attempts to find her ideal companion during the third season of Love Is Blind. The trip was far from simple, with both joyous and heartbreaking rejections. Meanwhile, her experience on the show was eventful and caused her to examine many aspects of her life. She did, however, meet someone she thought she could spend the rest of her life with and was one of the five engaged couples in the series’ third chapter.

Furthermore, Colleen Redd enjoys spending time with her friends and loved ones when she is not working or looking for the love of her life. Likewise, she is also very proud of her job as a ballet dancer and is not afraid to share her accomplishments with others on social media. Colleen is currently based in Dallas, Texas, and she enjoys traveling. We wish her the best in her future ventures and hope her the best in her future activities.

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