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Andrew Y Liu From Love Is Blind Season 3 on Instagram: The Netflix Cast Is a Wildlife Photographer; Birthday, Last Name, Job & Reddit Update!

Oct 20, 2022 @ 10:57 EDT
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Andrew Y Liu From Love Is Blind Season 3 on Instagram: The Netflix Cast Is a Wildlife Photographer; Birthday, Last Name, Job & Reddit Update!

Andrew Y Liu is one of the cast members of Netflix's Love is Blind Season 3 who has grabbed the attention of many viewers. And yes, Liu is his last name and he is 30 years old in 2022. However, he has not yet revealed his birthday or date of birth. Speaking of his job, Andrew from Love is Blind used to work as a member of the Delta Sigma Pi Skilled Fraternity but in 2020, he took a job as a photography instructor with a.curious.ape where he assists with the maintenance of African national parks. Some Reddit users seek more information about Andrew Liu. Well, follow to know more with his Instagram handle (@a.curious.ape).

It's time to clear your schedules and settle in for the third season of Love Is Blind. The new season, which features a collection of Dallas singles, premiered on October 19.

Seasons one and two followed groups of singles on the hunt for love, while Season three introduced a new batch. Meanwhile, they had to connect with potential candidates via pods in order to find it, and then get engaged without knowing what their partner looked like. So far, 17 couples have left the pods engaged over the course of three seasons.

It seems like only yesterday that Netflix's reality show returned for a second season of romantic drama and Twitter squabbles. Only eight months have passed since the Season 2 conclusion, and one month has passed since the After the Altar special aired. Fortunately for reality program fans, the streamer continued the social experiment for Seasons 2 and 3 at the same time, and the episodes were shot back-to-back.

Similarly, Andrew Liu, a wildlife photography enthusiast, is one of the contestants who has been trapped in what appears to be a love triangle in the latest season. The reality star has been fighting for Nancy Rodriguez's attention since the first episode, but things aren't looking well for him so far.

But Andrew isn't one to give up, as evidenced by the sneak look at the next episode posted by Netflix. As a result, many Reddit users have been curious to know more about the upbeat participant, Andrew Y Liu, and wonder about his back history.

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Andrew Y Liu From Love Is Blind Season 3: As Seen on His Instagram, the Netflix Cast Is a Wildlife Photographer; Birthday, Last Name, Instagram & Reddit Update!

According to Netflix, Andrew Y Liu (@a.curious.ape), is a director of operations at a corporation who is looking for love as the first voice, in the latest reality dating series Love is blind. He is 30 years old in 2022, however, details about his birthday or exact date of birth have not been revealed yet. Likewise, he also works as a wildlife photographer and has traveled widely around Kenya, and his Instagram is full of breathtaking wildlife photography.

Similarly, he was a member of the Delta Sigma Pi Skilled Fraternity and attended the Texas McCombs School of Business. His next stop was the Cockrell Faculty of Engineering at the University of Texas, where he was a member of the Engineering Honors Program and the Longhorn Rocket Affiliation. Throughout his undergraduate years, the Love is Blind solid member obsessively connected success with wealth and status, prompting him to declare a second major.

He was then hired as a management consultant at the age of twenty-two because he also possessed a business diploma. Regardless of his high-flying lifestyle, there was a deeper problem. In 2020, he took a job as a photography instructor with a.curious.ape, where he was able to earn more than $18,000 to assist with the maintenance of African national parks. He certainly accomplished a lot.

Andrew has also received numerous prizes for his photographic career, including Best Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year 2021, 2022, Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2021, The Chromatic Awards 2020, and many others.

According to the Netflix show, his biggest pet hate is dating someone who is determined by others to handle their problems. It went on to say that his continual conflicts are the key to his success and that he needs a relationship like his pals Rey and Crystal.

Similarly, in the third season of Love Is Blind, Andrew was seen explaining to contender Colleen Reed why he enjoys his hobby by saying “I chased money after college, and I got what I wanted, and then I was like, ‘It’s not fulfilling." Likewise, he also revealed in his confessional, “I do tend to enjoy some of the finer things in life, whether that be luxury travel, nice clothing, food, alcohol, what have you.”

From the beginning of the season, Andrew has been in love with Nancy Rodriguez (@thenancyrodriguez). The two attempted to start an immediate connection and got along great. Although Nancy was divided between Andrew and Bartise Bowden, Andrew was confident he could win her over. Unfortunately for him and others pulling for the wildlife photographer, Nancy rejected Andrew harshly after he proposed.

However, after some conflict between Nancy and her fiancé Bartise, the next episode's trailer shows Nancy discussing her problems with Andrew. He consoles her by describing her as 'lovely.' So, will Andrew be able to reclaim Nancy, or will she remain with Bartie? We'll find out more about the drama when the next episodes will be accessible for viewing.

Before leaving, find out about Andrew's transcendental scene.

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