Are Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed Still Together? Love Is Blind & Reddit Update!

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Are Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed Still Together? Love Is Blind & Reddit Update!

After Matt Bolton proposed to Colleen Reed, they were in a relationship on Season 3 of Netflix’s Love is Blind. However, the couple appeared to be parted because Reddit users recently discovered that they have unfollowed each other on the social media platform. Meanwhile, it’s also possible that they simply chose to keep their affair private until the end of the season.

Netflix’s Love is Blind, with complicated emotions, deep vulnerability, tremendous drama, and unmatched romance at the forefront. is actually a reality dating series unlike any other. That’s because it lives up to its title in every way possible, following a group of hopeful individuals as they meet, socialize, and become engaged — all without ever seeing each other.

Many fans were very upset about the conclusion of Love Is Blind Season 2, however, Season 3 has already premiered on streaming on Netflix on 19 Oct to help us remember what really happened. Similarly, the crazy trip of single people trying to convert their relationship status from single to married is in full swing, and fans are hoping for a happier ending, particularly in the case of Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed.

Fortunately, the couple determined that their feelings for one another were strong enough to proceed with an engagement. While things can change once the reality of meeting the other couples and living together kicks in, however, viewers are hopeful that the couple will make it through. So, do Matt and Colleen get married? Here’s everything we know so far.

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed From Love Is Blind Season 3: The Couple Might Still Be Together, but at the moment, They Have Unfollowed One Other on Instagram; Reddit Update!

Will Matt Bolton (@matt_bolton24) and Colleen Reed (@jellybean.colleen) be another Love Is Blind couple who might not make it till the end? Well, we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out, I suppose. Meanwhile, Reddit users and viewers are concerned that something is wrong based on Matt and Colleen’s current Instagram follower status, where both have unfollowed each other. Not to forget that some people also believe Colleen used Matt as a rebound for the show.

Even though Colleen’s first couple of conversations with 27-year-old Matt were very interesting, she was first attracted to Brennon Lemieux and Cole Barnett. After all, she thought their comparable senses of humor and lively personalities would make them a good match, but it didn’t work out because they both rejected her a short time afterward. While the former was in love with Alexa Alfia, the second was looking for a life partner who would not only match his humor but also go much deeper than the surface level, which he found in Zanab Jaffrey.

At this point, the vivacious dancer made the decision to look into a potential relationship with Matt, especially since she had the sensation that “there’s something there. Like, I know there’s something there.” The fact that she confided in him about her fear of being exposed in the event that she is wounded during their first proper talk and that he responded positively and with his own positive perspective was key.

Likewise, he also disclosed, in his Matthew McConaughey-like drawl, that he’s divorced — his high school girlfriend had cheated and become pregnant as a result of the infidelity — which pulled this couple closer together.

Similarly, Matt quickly confessed, “With Colleen, I don’t know what it is, but it’s natural. I’ve opened up more to her than to anyone else in the last 10 years.” Likewise, Colleen also added, “With Matt…, I’m just so happy. And I’m astounded that I’m feeling this way… In less than a week, I’ll be waking up happy about him. I’m so far up in the clouds.” Likewise, their intentions, core beliefs, values, and future familial expectations all harmonized, prompting them to realize they’d fallen in love. So, when Matt finally got down on one knee to propose, she joyously yet tearfully said yes.

Colleen and Matt’s first interaction, as well as the wonderfully comfortable first few days of their Malibu trip, are great examples of the early stages of a relationship. Likewise, they were loving, amorous, physical, and completely devoted to one another, giving the impression that nothing and no one could ever come between them.

However, real life isn’t all about sunshine and daisies, they’d have to deal with their natural problems at some time, which is also indicated in the show’s pods, where her insecurity and his major trust issues can collide. With that stated, every relationship encounters difficulties, and the fact that Colleen and Matt formed an emotional bond initially could make all the difference in the world in terms of helping them if they work through everything.

While we remain hopeful, we must point out that their web platforms give the impression that they are no longer in touch. Not only is there a clear lack of their union on their individual social media feeds, but they also do not follow one another as of this writing. however, the fact that the couple is no longer following each other does not imply that things have gone wrong for them. They may have simply chosen to keep their romance quiet until the end of the season.

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