Matt’s Abusive Act Towards Colleen: Is the Love Is Blind Couple Still Together?

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Matt’s Abusive Act Towards Colleen: Is the Love Is Blind Couple Still Together?

Matt and Colleen, one of the couples from Love Is Blind, have been a hot topic as people are concerned about Matt’s abusive behavior towards his wife. Many people as well as some professional psychologists expressed that it shouldn’t have been tolerated after he was not made to confront his mistakes. Additionally, Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed are still together after everything happened between them.

The Love Is Blind dating series on Netflix has seen many of its members get married and experience heartbreak since it made its debut on February 13, 2020. The show resembles The Bachelor and Married at First Sight in some way. Love is Blind’s first season debuted on both Netflix and Youtube, however, only Netflix renewed it for a second and third season.

Participants in Love Is Blind may have a love-hate connection with the viewers who are evaluating their performance. However, Love Is Blind produces an edgy adaption from a comparable series that was broadcast globally. With the season finale and the reunion episodes, Love Is Blind Season 3 came to a close on November 9. Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed are just two of the newly announced singles looking for love this season.

A few fights between Matt and Colleen occurred in front of the cameras, and Matt’s abusive actions scared some viewers. Of course, viewers have been talking about his act. It doesn’t end here. Many professional psychologists also have been talking about his abnormal anger. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Matt and Colleen From Love Is Blind: People Are Concerned About Matt’s Abusive Behavior Towards His Wife; And Yes, They Are Still Together!

The Love Is Blind couple’s first disagreement took place when they were traveling to Malibu with the other cast members. Matt (@matt_bolton24)  overheard Colleen (@jellybean.colleen) and Cole discussing the physical characteristics of persons they were normally drawn to in the real world. Later that evening, Matt shouted at Colleen ( the first time he showed his abusive behavior) and warned her that “I might be done” for discussing that particular subject with Cole. Colleen, who was clearly upset, convinced him to stay.

Another time, Matt called Bartise in a rage because Colleen hadn’t yet arrived home. Matt stated that he was sure Colleen had visited The Candleroom when Bartise and Nancy suggested that she might have done so because “going to the club was more important than coming home to her fu**ing boy.”

Matt and Colleen said yes to marriage in spite of those circumstances. No one mentioned Matt’s abusive act during the reunion, but hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey brought up the awkward issue with Cole.

Despite those conditions, Matt and Colleen decided to get married. During the reunion, nobody highlighted Matt’s rage, but hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey brought up the awkward situation with Cole.

Massachusetts-based clinical psychologist Isabelle Morley believes that reality television “should have an ethical duty to safeguard individuals,” particularly against abusive relationships, which she believes is a recurring topic in Love Is Blind Season 3. Morley attacked Matt Bolton’s abusive tendencies in a recent post for Psychology Today, as well as the Lacheys’ failure to confront him about them. She referred to it as “The Matt Mistake” and drew attention to how Matt appeared to have received preferential treatment in the most recent Season 3 episode.

Dr. Morley makes it clear that she is aware of the important function that editing plays in how audiences see each couple’s interactions. When they play back the Malibu film at the Love Is Blind reunion, she also expresses concern about Colleen due to the latter’s nonverbal behavior. She remarked,

You can see Colleen’s body tense, her breathing change, and her heart race. She is stiff and anxious the entire episode. She barely smiles. She stumbles over words as she tries to explain. She even apologizes for getting emotional and crying. If she were presenting that way in my office, I’d be very worried about her.

The majority of Dr. Morley’s work is devoted to discussing the ethical duty owed by the producers of Love Is Blind. She thinks they did it to elevate the drama for the sake of entertainment. She explained,

If Matt is as abusive as he appeared on-screen, then the Lacheys and the entire production team made an unforgivable mistake. They put Colleen in the line of fire for more abuse. They reopened the first trigger of Matt’s abuse and encouraged contestants to rehash their reactions.

Dr. Morley suggests that the creators of Love Is Blind next time hire psychiatrists to help the participants. Additionally, she thinks that providing a warning when abusive interactions occur on screen would be beneficial. Hopefully, the producers will take these two ideas into account for the upcoming season.

And yes, Matt and Colleen are still together as they learn to reevaluate their connection until they feel comfortable.

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