Are Chrishell and Jason Dating Again? Selling Sunset Season 5 Update!

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Are Chrishell and Jason Dating Again? Selling Sunset Season 5 Update!

Chrishell and Jason were a couple on Selling Sunset but due to their difference in opinion toward baby and parenthood, they broke up in December 2021. However, a rumor has been revolving around Chrishell and Jason dating again. Let’s find out if Chrishell and Jason are actually dating again. 

As evident with Selling Sunset on Netflix, life is all linked to money, and no matter how much we try to disconnect money from happiness, either way, money eventually becomes a part of happiness.

Everyone is busy and thriving their best in earning a hefty net worth regardless of what fields they have been involved in. However, a trend or let’s say the popularity of people’s involvement in the business has uptrained, and more specifically, many people are involved in real estate agencies.

With the growing market, we get to see different real estate agencies and companies almost everywhere. A renowned group of realtors, The Oppenheim Group has twelve realtors working for the company, and now, this company has changed to being a reality television show, Selling Sunset.

Selling Sunset not only features the real state business but also depicts different love stories in the company. Chrishell and Jason are part of the company who actually dated earlier but today, a rumor has been spreading about them dating again. Let’s find out if Chrishell and Jason are dating again.

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Are Chrishell and Jason Dating Again? Selling Sunset Update!

Immensely popular, The Oppenheim Group is a group of twelve realtors working together in Los Angeles, California. The group was formed by Jason Oppenheim, and thus, that’s the compelling reason for the group to collectively be known as The Oppenheim Group.

Recently, Jason’s group is no longer confined to being a real estate agency rather it has changed to being an American television reality show, Selling Sunset.

Selling Sunset not only gives attention to the professional lives of the twelve realtors but also depicts the relationship between Chrishell and Jason.

The head of The Oppenheim Group, Jason, and his co-worker, Chrishell (@chrishell.stause) made their relationship public in July 2021. At that instant, Chrishell and Jason posted many of their together moments clips which were taken during the trip to Capri, Italy.

While everything was going well between them, their opinion on parenthood was different. Chrishell on one hand wanted to birth a baby and start a family with Jason Oppenheim, however, on the other hand, Jason Oppenheim didn’t like the idea of being a father.

Basically, Jason (@jasonoppenheim) knew that Chrishell could be an exceptional mother and had no doubt about her motherhood but the main concern was he actually suspected himself. Jason actually thinks that being a father would add emotional value to his life, and this could espouse a downfall in his business.

Jason’s actual words were, “I wake up in the morning like, ‘What would my morning look like with a baby? Who would I hire? Where would we live? How would we travel? How would I be able to manage my offices, agents, and transactions?”

Chrishell didn’t support even a small bit of what Jason had thought. Their difference in parenthood was the main reason for their break up, and they parted ways in December 2021.

Chrishell told to Jason, “I tried to make it work when someone didn’t want it. Through that process, I realized I was lying to myself. Now that I’m in a situation where I got out of that, I was able to reassess and say wait, ‘I have a say and what I want matters,’ I’m really trying to be true to myself this time. This is one of those situations where I have to be honest with you. If you decide that you don’t want to be a father, I don’t think I can go forward with you.”

Presently, Chrishell and Jason have parted ways for their well-being, and they are no longer dating. Moreover, stalking their Instagram, it has been found that neither of them follows each other on the platform.

Where are Chrishell and Jason Now?

Although Chrishell and Jason Oppenheim broke up for their parenthood issue, they are still together. In other words, they are working together in The Oppenheim Group.

When people asked Chrishell why didn’t she change her work, she told that she is a business-oriented person, and had no problem working under her ex.

It was because they didn’t have a serious argument or fight, rather it was just a difference in opinion. To that point, Chrishell and Jason both still work together but aren’t dating.

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