Andrew Liu’s Transcendental Scene in Love Is Blind: Reddit Users Wonder What He Really Meant!

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Andrew Liu’s Transcendental Scene in Love Is Blind: Reddit Users Wonder What He Really Meant!

Andrew Liu’s scene in Love Is Blind season 3 is creating a buzz where he claims that his best s*x was transcendental. Yes, the Asian guy claimed it when he was on a date with Nancy. While many people as well as the cast members found it very awkward, some Reddit users wonder what he really meant. 

Love Is Blind, a Netflix dating experiment, premiered its third season this fall, and many fans are curious as to which couples will make it to the very end. At the conclusion of each season, all of the surviving engaged couples gather at the altar to exchange vows or formally dissolve their union in front of an audience of loved ones. Just so you know, only two couples were wed during season 2.

Similarly, the reunion episode has also been premiered on the streaming platform. One thing viewers really found interesting in the episode rather than who are still together is Andrew Liu claiming to have s*x that was transcendental. Yes, she did say that to Nancy in Season 3, and the rest of the cast members were discussing his claim in the reunion episode.

Andrew was very memorable, from his undeserved confidence to his performative eye drops, and we would be remiss to ignore his braggadocious speech about his own sexual ability. Now that the topic is pretty interesting, many viewers, especially Reddit users, have been interested to know about it in detail as well as are seeking the scene where he made his claim. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Andrew Liu’s Transcendental Scene From Love Is Blind: Reddit Users Found It Awkward About His Claim Having the Best s*x With Someone Non-physical!

You can watch the scene of Andrew Liu claiming to have a transcendental experience in Season 3 of Love Is Blind. Meanwhile, here’s everything we know about what he really meant if you wonder what he was really talking about.

On a date with Nancy during Season 3 Episode 1, Andrew came across as pretty hot, but Nancy ultimately and regretfully decided to go with Bartise. When one of the first things we discovered about he was that he enjoys the finer things in life, we should have known we were in for a slightly douchey journey. It’s actually pretty challenging to avoid getting to know Andrew, who mostly talks about himself.

When Andrew asked Nancy if she liked kissing right away, we started to raise our little red flags. It turns out that she does, and Nancy gave a rather cute response to that rather direct question. Naturally, he should have talked about his opinions on kissing as his next move, but he didn’t. In reality, we assume, Andrew jumped ten steps ahead in the pods. He said,

The best s*x that I’ve ever had has been transcendental.

Users are perplexed by the strange intersection between spirituality with the topic of kissing. The word transcendental is defined by as having to do with the spiritual, outer space world. How did we go from kissing to being in a different state of consciousness, you ask? Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. He further added,

You sort of sync up with the other person. I can feel the pleasure that you’re feeling as I bring you pleasure, and vice versa.

Then Andrew stated that connection is the key to this. Although the goal of Love Is Blind is to establish a connection initially on an emotional and mental level, he kept attempting to bring the physical into the pods. While the audience wanted to get over the awkward position, Andrew wasn’t prepared to do so. The Love Is Blind cast continued by describing the transcendental intimate encounter and its significance.

This discussion somehow continued until we got our favorite expression: “sexual kung fu.” It appears that a male experiencing orgasm without ejaculating is involved in this. We kind of hope Andrew could do the same thing with his thoughts because this is something he has worked very hard to achieve. Open your mouth, but keep your thoughts to yourself.

Sadly, Andrew turned down his invitation to the Love Is Blind reunion, probably due to his intense s*x life. Andrew was subtly mentioned during the reunion thanks to host Nick Lachey. “Shout out Andrew, he did not get on the plane. Smart man,” Vanessa jokingly says. The hosts mentioned his famous “fake tears” incident. The entire cast appeared to be genuinely happy that he was unable to attend. Andrew is categorized by Vanessa as a “riffraff” who just cares about getting on TV. Additionally, Nick mentions how people will google his transcendental experience.

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