Did Andrew Liu Really Use Eye Drops? The Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast Has Been Criticized by Reddit Users for His Fake Tears!

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Did Andrew Liu Really Use Eye Drops? The Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast Has Been Criticized by Reddit Users for His Fake Tears!

Andrew Liu, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 3, is currently making headlines as he uses eye drops to produce fake tears during a confessional video after Nancy Rodriguez rejected his proposal. Meanwhile, Reddit users are criticizing the wildlife photographer, and here is how. 

Love is Blind is a Netflix reality dating series about singles who claim they’re prepared to settle down, find a true partner, and get married — but almost always contradict themselves the moment they meet their life partner in person. The contestants on “Love is Blind” are kept visually apart from their potential partners while they get to know one another through conversation only, in comparison to a similar show where contestants’ appearances are hidden by prosthetic makeup to let the emotional connection take center stage.

The pods have returned and are officially open for business. Finally available on Netflix, the third season of Love Is Blind has audiences tearing through the episodes. Many people are perplexed as to how a particular clip made the final cut, in addition to seeing a group of singletons trying to find the love of their lives.

One of the contestants, Andrew Liu, has been making headlines recently. He is a former operations director who is now a wildlife photographer. Through the pods, he appeared to be falling for Nancy Rodriguez, another contender. However, Nancy rejected him when he got on his knees and proposed to her. After that, Andrew was shown on camera using eye drops to make fake tears in a confessional. Well, let’s discuss the incident in detail.

Love Is Blind Season 3: Andrew Liu Uses Eye Drops to Produce Fake Tears in a Confessional Video After Nancy Rodriguez Rejected His Proposal!

Producers of reality TV shows frequently edit their footage to make specific competitors appear to be particular personalities. It’s frequently called “frankenbiting.” To make it appear as though Andrew Liu (@a.curious.ape) had been crying, the Love is Blind 3 producers did the exact reverse this time around. They included unedited footage of the wildlife photographer putting eye drops in his eyes while talking about being rejected by Nancy Rodriguez. And the audience is loving it.

In the pods, Nancy and Andrew became friends as Liu talked about the beautiful life they would have together. The wildlife photographer spoke at length about his adventures and his promises to Nancy that he would keep them as soon as they were out of the pods in a number of intimate ways.

However, the 29-year-old was able to pique Nancy’s interest just enough to start a love triangle with Bartise Bowden, her other potential love interest. And when Andrew realizes Nancy’s affection is his rival for a regular role in a season of reality TV, he leaps and proposes to her.  Nevertheless, despite all his great words, Nancy made a gut decision, rejected his proposal, and went with someone else.

In his talking head interview following the breakup, Andrew displayed signs of anger and sadness. However, things started to become strange when he took out a bottle of eye drops and gives them a squeeze into his dry eyes.

He asked if the cameras were already rolling and whether he could utilize the droplets to create fake tears from one of the off-camera producers. Following that, the producer says, “I mean yeah, if your eyes hurt.” Liu took another round of eye drops, this time drenching his eyes in water as if one round wasn’t enough. With heartbreaking expressions, Andrew said in his confessional,

I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears.

It’s still not clear if Liu was acting emotionally to win compassion or if his eyes were dry throughout the scene. However, the viewers of Love Is Blind, especially Reddit and Twitter users, were not sympathetic to the Texas resident’s precarious situation. One fan of the show tweeted, “Andrew with the eye drops for fake tears saying, totally rehearsed to camera, ‘I never thought I could care for someone who brought me to tears’ omg pls help.”

Similarly, another tweeted, “Wait I’m so confused with Andrew and the eye drops … fake tears ?? What a psychopath. [Nancy] dodged a bullet.”

Similar sentiments were tweeted by hundreds of show viewers, who all joined in and laughed a lot. Was it cruel of the producers to play a prank on a participant in this way? Possibly. But it’s also a welcome breach of the fourth wall — and wonderfully ironic — that someone’s reputation may suffer not as a result of dishonest reality TV editing but rather because, for once, the producers chose to let viewers see what really happened behind the scenes.

Before leaving, find out about Andrew’s transcendental scene.

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