Andrew Liu’s Fake Tears in Love Is Blind: Here Is How the Reddit Users Responded to His Eye Drops Sequence!

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Andrew Liu’s Fake Tears in Love Is Blind: Here Is How the Reddit Users Responded to His Eye Drops Sequence!

Andrew Liu, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 3, possibly used eye drops to produce fake tears in a confessional video. The incident occurred while the 29-year-old wildlife photographer was confessing his heartbreaking emotions after Nancy Rodriguez rejected his proposal of marriage. Similarly, many Reddit users and previous cast members responded to the sequence.

Recently, Netflix released Season 3 of Love Is Blind, and viewers are already fascinated. The show focuses on single people getting to know one another in pods because they can’t meet in person until they decide to get engaged. After becoming engaged, a couple departs on a lovely honeymoon before beginning to plan their nuptials and get to know one another’s families.

Some of the reality show’s most embarrassing stars from previous seasons may be familiar to the series’ viewers. In season one, Jessica Batten once allowed her golden retriever to drink red wine from her glass, and during the season two reunion, Shake Chatterjee repeated his sizeist remarks. Perhaps as a result of a confusing eye drop sequence to produce fake tears in the latest season, Andrew Liu has now emerged as the most talked-about cast.

Many fans, especially on Twitter and Reddit, are furious that the 30-year-old used eye drops to generate fake tears. The incident happened in a confessional video after Nancy Rodiguez rejected his proposal of marriage. It has been the highlight of the season so far, well, let’s discuss it in detail.

Andrew Liu’s Fake Tears: The Love Is Blind Cast Possibly Created a Scene Using Eye Drops and Reddit Users Are Furious About His Act!

Viewers of Love Is Blind Season 3 are in disbelief after it seemed like producers exposed Andrew Liu (@a.curious.ape) for his fake tears during one of his solo interviews. The incident happened not long after Nancy Rodriguez turned down his proposal. Afterward, when asked about it, Nancy remarked:

Men have this persona they want to give off, and so there is a lot of deception. Andrew is too cool, too calm, too collected. It’s not what I envisioned by husband to be.

Nancy (@thenancyrodriguez), a 32-year-old speech pathologist, and real estate salesperson, and Liu became fast friends in the pods. Liu’s deep bass voice and frequent mentions of travel and “sexual kung fu” contributed to the pair’s apparent chemistry. By the end of episode four, however, Rodriguez confessed that she had grown closer to a castmate, Bartise Bowden, and had turned down Liu’s marriage proposal.

Only a few seconds later, the cameras moved to the photographer, who was seated for one of his solo interviews, and said, “What are you thinking about?” After asking if the cameras were rolling in reply, Andrew hesitated and took out a bottle of eye drops. He then asked one of the off-camera producers, “Mind if I…? It’s just too much.”

At first, viewers could have thought that Andrew was using the drops because his eyes hurt or he was uncomfortable, but after hearing his subsequent remarks, they may no longer be certain. He added, “I guess this is a good moment for that. Is it OK that I’m doing this?”

In response, the producers told Andrew, “if your eyes are hurting you, then by all means.” But he poured a couple more droplets, sniffed, and let them drip down his cheeks. Looking at the cameras, he told:

I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears.

After the episode, viewers immediately took to Twitter and Reddit to discuss the fake tears sequence. While some viewers simply called the producers “petty” for including the clip in the final cut, others questioned whether the tears were genuinely real. One viewer tweeted, “I just watched this and was in shock! She [Nancy] was on point when she said he left room for deception.”

Another tweeted, “one of the #LoveIsBlind producers had it out for Andrew and made sure the clip of him fake crying made it into the final cut” Likewise, another added, “Just think how many times this has happened on Reality tv and it was edited out.”

A meme from Impractical Jokers suggested that the producers of Love Is Blind allowed Andrew to use the eye drops to fake emotion without informing him that it would appear in the final cut. He then reposted a number of fan reactions to the scene. He even responded by saying, “I cannot confirm nor deny due to my contract. How unfortunate.”

The wildlife photographer still claims that his feelings were genuine, but several other Love Is Blind cast members have questioned his motives. Jarrette Jones, who split with fellow Season 2 cast Iyanna McNeely earlier this year, responded in an Instagram comment, “Nahhh this can’t be real.” For his part, Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee noted: “Watching through this season last night [with my girlfriend, Emily Wilson] and… what did I do that was so bad again?”

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