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Alexandra Breckenridge’s Natural Hair Color: Is It Blonde?

Sep 9, 2023 @ 9:14 EDT
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Alexandra Breckenridge’s Natural Hair Color: Is It Blonde?

Alexandra Breckenridge from Virgin River has natural strawberry-blonde color hair which she has shaved off in favor of a shorter hairstyle in season 5. The 41-year-old actress showed off her new look while making a video from her Atlanta kitchen.

Netflix's Virgin River has been effectively balancing genuine and dramatic since its debut by portraying the ups and downs in the lives of the citizens of the picturesque eponymous town. The show is based on Robyn Carr's book series of the same name and was developed for the screen by Sue Tenney.

One of the main characters in the series is Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a sympathetic nurse practitioner who longs to have children and become a mother in this tranquil, lovely community.
is one of the key protagonists.

Since the release of season 5, Alexandra Breckenridge has fascinated many viewers with her new look, especially her new hair. As a result, many people are curious to know what happened to her natural color hair. Well, here is what we've discovered.

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Alexandra Breckenridge Has Natural Strawberry-Blonde Color Hair!

Alexandra Breckenridge (@alexandrabreck) from Virgin River used to have long natural strawberry-blonde color hair. However, she has recently shaved off it in favor of a shorter hairstyle but she still looks amazing. Taking to Instagram Stories, the 41-year-old actress flaunted her new appearance while filming a video from her Atlanta kitchen.

Alexandra Breckenridge's natural hair color is strawberry blonde. blurred-reality.comAlexandra Breckenridge's natural hair color is strawberry blonde.
Image Source: Cinemablend

Previously, the This Is Us actress spoke with New Beauty about the secret to Mel Monroe's lovely blonde hair on Virgin River: unending care. She stated,

When we first did the haircut, I had blonde hair with dark roots. I saw the character as strawberry blond, with this long, flowing hair—like Amy Adams in Sharp Objects. That’s what we were going for originally, but I don’t have that kind of hair, so it’s hard to maintain it.

According to Breckenridge, Mel's hair requires constant attention, adding,

Typically, I get hair extensions, and we keep doing the color over the season to get the right tone. It’s not easy. Sometimes, it just looks different even after post-production—the contrast is different, the root color can look heavy and dark. We’ve been working hard to dial that in as we get along. It’s funny how hair changes ever so slightly every now and then.

She also mentioned her favorite hair products: “I used Oribe products for styling, and we use L’Oreal for my color. We use L’Oreal Professional between 9 and 9.3, which is strawberry blonde for my hair.”

Alexandra Breckenridge's latest appearance. blurred-reality.comAlexandra Breckenridge's latest appearance. 
Image Source: Comic Book

Similarly, Alexandra Breckenridge also said that the major distinction between Mel and Sophie (her This Is Us role) is their hair. She explained,

It sounds so minor, but I think it really does help get me into character. I had blonde hair over the break when I went to do This Is Us, so we had to change me back, and it felt like such a big transformation.

The 41-year-old Virgin River cast continued,

I was like, ‘Oh, yes. This is Mel. I’m officially back into character from Sophie to Mel.’ They’re both kind of similar characters, but they definitely have their differences. I think that the hair and the wardrobe help get all that across.

Mel Monroe Loses Her Baby in Virgin River Season 5!

The fifth season's episode five of River Virgin, Trial by Fire features Mel Monroe's (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) second miscarriage and subsequent loss of the unborn child. This tragic moment appears out of nowhere. At the time, she was caring for the victims of the flames.

She then goes to the toilet and realizes the shocking truth. This scene and the plot as a whole are handled respectfully and with great care, yet it is still a devastating moment.

Mel is unable to inform anyone about the awful news. She continues in quiet, tending to the injured and putting on a brave front for the remainder of the day. Mel and Jack are eventually reunited in Heroes Rise, where Mel finally tells her partner the heartbreaking truth.

The cause of the miscarriage is unknown. Mel has experienced three miscarriages and a stillbirth, putting her latest pregnancy in the high-risk category. This will have raised her chances of having another miscarriage. She was also stressed, but there is no evidence that stress causes miscarriages.

This awful tragedy forces Mel to reconsider her future goals. She resolves to stop trying for further children, devastated by the ongoing heartbreak of previous encounters. Jack encourages her to explore alternative approaches to becoming a mother in the season 5 part 1 finale. Mel agrees to try again for a family.

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