Zeina Khoury’s Net Worth: The Dubai Bling Cast Has Her Own Real-State Company!

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Zeina Khoury’s Net Worth: The Dubai Bling Cast Has Her Own Real-State Company!

Zeina Khoury from Netflix’s Dubai Bling has an estimated net worth of $310,000. The 39-year-old is the CEO and Chief Growth Officer of her real-state company, High Mark Real Estate Brokers.

Dubai Bling is conquering Netflix. Fans of reality television who want to observe the lavish lifestyles and drama of the wealthy elite are captivated by the series in a definitive way. Several models, performers, and social media influencers who have become well-known in the renowned United Arab Emirates city are included in the cast of Dubai Bling. Zeina Khoury is one cast member who has managed to stand out in particular.

Khoury leads High Mark Real Estate Brokers, a leader in luxury property sales and management in the nation, as CEO and Chief Growth Officer. She is also a television and radio personality who was born and raised in Lebanon and has hosted entertainment events there.

Zeina Khoury went from arriving in Dubai with $300 to becoming a self-made millionaire. The Dubai Bling celebrity has spent 15 years living in the prosperous UAE city. Similarly, many of her fans and followers have been curious to know about her net worth. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Zeina Khoury’s Net Worth: The Dubai Cast Is Worth Around $310,000; She Is the CEO of Her Real-State Company, High Mark Real Estate Brokers!

According to Arabian Business, Zeina Khoury has an estimated net worth of $310,000. As mentioned above, she works as High Mark Real Estate Brokers‘ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Growth Officer. Her company is the nation’s leader in luxury property sales and management.

The Dubai Bling cast has a wealth that surpasses that of co-star Safa Siddiqui ($180k), but it is barely below that of marketing expert Farhana Bodi ($380k) at the time the Netflix series premiered. Zeina disclosed that she arrived in Dubai with only $300 and went on to become a self-made millionaire. While running her business, which has 27 employees under her control, she frequently flaunts her luxury clothing.

She began her career as a member of the business development team at the Palazzo Versace Dubai and D1 Tower, where she made a significant contribution to the organization, executive team training, and management of sales operations. This resulted in deals worth more than AED3 billion.

The 39-year-old star speaks two languages and graduated from Notre Dame University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Banking and Finance, where she also got her start in business before joining Dubai Bling.

Zeina (@thezeinakhoury) is currently making an impact in the real estate sector. She acquired the then-affected High Mark Real Estate Brokers in 2009 and transformed it into one of the most prosperous local businesses in the sector. The company is a local market player with a total deal value of $2.5 billion. Similarly, she is also a TV and radio personality who has over 15 years of experience in high managerial positions. She has presented entertainment shows in the Gulf region.

Talking about her personal life, Zeina Khoury was born on December 13, 1983, in Lebanon. There isn’t much information available regarding the lady’s father and mother because she doesn’t discuss much her family. Because of the war that was raging in Lebanon during Zeina’s undergraduate years, Khoury escaped her native country and relocated to Dubai in search of work. Zeina encountered numerous rejections even after moving to the UAE. Throughout her difficult years, she applied for numerous jobs but was turned down.

When Zeina arrived from Lebanon, Dubai was still in the planning stages, and everyone was focused on the real estate market. Despite setbacks, she decided to pursue a career in real estate to continue pursuing her ambitions. She applied to various companies before receiving a job offer from Emirates Sunland, a construction company. Khoury also received a job offer from an insurance provider. She made the decision to become a property consultant rather than accept the fixed-salary insurance position.

She started with sales after deciding on a job in real estate and worked her way up the ladder to success. After five years of service with Emirates Sunland, she made the decision to launch High Mark Real Estate Agency. Since Khoury started her own business more than ten years ago, High Mark RE has grown to become one of the leading real estate brokerages in Dubai.

The reality star is married to her husband, Hanna Azzi, and has two children, a sweet daughter named Alexa and a small son named Joey. The Lebanese realtor also fulfills her dream of living in Dubai, but due to the responsibilities of her job, she is unable to spend much time with her family. She plans trips to far-off locations to make up for this. She enjoys exploring various cultures and other artistic mediums.

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