Zeina Khoury’s Husband: Who Is the Dubai Bling Cast Married To?

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Zeina Khoury’s Husband: Who Is the Dubai Bling Cast Married To?

Zeina Khoury, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Duba Bling, has been married to her husband, Hanna Azzi, for more than a decade. He is the General Manager of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA in Dubai’s Pearl Jumeira. The couple also has two children named Alexa and Joey. Additionally, Hanna keeps his personal life very private and does not seem to be active on any social media platforms publicly.

You can bet there will be enough drama to outshine the combined accounts of this ultra-wealthy menagerie of gold magnates when ten of Dubai’s most attractive self-made millionaires reveal their bank accounts for a reality show set against the luxury of a city famed for loving all things bling. Netflix‘s newest Arabic docu-soap set in the UAE, Dubai Bling, already follows the traditional representation of a city that has drawn attention from across the world for how quickly it transformed from a vast desert to a towering metropolis that loves all things lavish and ambitious.

The participants, each of whom has created an empire from nothing amidst the shifting sands of this desert land, appear in front of the cameras, poised, polished, and with a verve that can only result from knowing your bank balance is your calling card. There is open materialism as well as obvious exhibitionism.

Zeina Khoury, whose professional and private affairs were strongly highlighted in the season, is one of the most well-known cast members from the first edition of the show. Given the events of the show, the public was particularly interested in her romantic life. As a result, many people are curious to learn about her husband and family. Well, here is everything we know.

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Zeina Khoury’s Husband: The Dubai Bling Cast Has Been Married to Hanna Azzi for More Than a Decade!

Zeina Khoury  (@thezeinakhoury) has been married to her husband, Hanna Azzi, for nearly a decade as of this writing. The long-time partner of Dubai Bling cast currently holds the position of General Manager of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA in Dubai’s Pearl Jumeira. The hotel expert prefers to keep his personal life private and is not a major social media user. Hanna makes only a few appearances in the Netflix show, and they are usually with his wife or friends.

Since the couple has been married for more than a decade, of course, they have children. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Alexa and a little son named Joey. It seems like they have the perfect family everyone wishes for. However, things got spiced up in the Netflix show.

At Lojain Omran‘s Valentine’s Day party in the first season, Zeina revealed that a friend had told her about a Bumble dating profile called “Gilles” that had Hanna’s photo on it. She firmly denied that her husband was having an affair, but she couldn’t help but question how recently her work-life balance had been off. Hanna, who Zeina spoke with regarding the profile, said that he was unaware of it and that the photograph had been taken for one of the news stories about him.

Zeina was prompted by this to discuss how she felt she was neglecting her children and not spending enough time at home. The reality TV star was comforted by Hanna, who informed him that he and his children loved her. He also proposed that the family take a vacation after Zeina’s workload is decreased. The joyful family has our best wishes for a wonderful life and a bright future. Now, let’s get to more about Zeina’s background in detail.

Zeina Khoury was raised in Lebanon where she was born on December 13, 1983. After graduating from BESGB in 2001, she enrolled at Notre Dame University – Louaize to earn her BBA in Banking & Finance. Zeina moved to Dubai in order to search for employment when she was still finishing her studies because her nation was going through a war.

Zeina first had a number of setbacks, but each of them strengthened her will to continue on the path. She would soon be able to select between two positions in several industries. Zeina had a choice between a well-paying position in the insurance sector and the risk associated with real estate, which was booming at the time because Dubai was developing quickly. Naturally, she went with the latter and began working as a property consultant with Emirates Sunland in January 2007.

Zeina assumed the position of Head of Collections in January 2009 and held it through May 2010. She then assumed additional duties and was named the Head of Collections and Client Relations for Emirates Sunland. Zeina, however, quit the company in January 2021 and worked in senior management to create High Mark Real Estate Brokers. She took over as the company’s CEO and still holds it now. High-end properties for the Palazzo Versace Dubai, the D1 Tower, and numerous other noteworthy places are in her portfolio. Similarly, her net worth is estimated to be $310,000.

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