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Dubai Bling Cast’s Net Worth: Here Is the Exact Amount of Money They Have!

Nov 1, 2022 @ 7:37 EDT
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Dubai Bling Cast’s Net Worth: Here Is the Exact Amount of Money They Have!

People have been interested in the exact net worth of all the cast members of Dubai Bling on Netflix as many of the sources have been updating fake numbers. Follow to know how much money they have. Just a reminder, the range starts at $180,000 and goes up to $50 million.

If you're a fan of reality television, you're aware that Dubai Bling is the most recent Netflix TV binge-watch. The new show premiered on October 27, and people are buzzing about it. There is no disputing that these people have no difficulty blowing a ton of money, whether it be at extravagant parties or amazing fashion moments.

The reality show centers on a group of self-made millionaires in Diamond City who manage their high-profile social life while juggling their family and work obligations. The reality program shows what happens behind the scenes at elaborate parties, opulent events, and multimillion-dollar business transactions, giving viewers a true look into the lives of the wealthy and famous.

Dubai Bling Cast’s Net Worth: From $180,000 to $50 Million, Here Is How Much the Cast Members Are Worth!

Although the cast of Dubai Bling is described as millionaires, there have been concerns raised about the accuracy of this claim. While at least four of the cast members have net worths of over $1 million, others are worth less, according to research by Arabian Business. As a result, many viewers of the show have been wanting to know the accurate net worth of all the cast members. Well, let's get started.

Loujain Adada-$3.8m

Loujain Adadah is a TV presenter and supermodel. She began her career at the age of 14 and most likely made between $15,000 and $30,000 in Saudi Arabia per year. She probably made an extra $35,000 a year from her career in the entertainment business. LJ married the late Walid Al-Juffali, a millionaire businessman from Saudi Arabia, in 2012.

According to Arabian Business, she received significant income from this union. She reportedly earned $1.1 million from her husband's estate after his passing, according to The Cinemaholic. Loujain has more than 181,000 Instagram followers, so it's likely that she also makes some extra cash from her postings. According to sources, her estimated net worth ranges from $3.8 million to $4 million.

Safa Siddiqui-$180,000

Safa Siddiqui began her career as a real estate broker. She probably made about $150,000 a year in this position. Later, Safa came to the conclusion that the corporate world wasn't for her and set out to fulfill her lifelong passion of being a fashion designer. Together with Shein, she now has her own clothing line. Safa may have made roughly $100,000 so far in her career in the fashion industry.

Safa also promotes brands and products on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram through sponsored posts, which, given her big fan base, brings in about $40,000 annually. Similarly, her net worth is estimated to be between $180,000.

Zeina Khoury-$310,000

According to her IG bio, Zeina Khoury is the CEO of High Mark Real Estate. She has also worked as the Co-Founder of since October 2014. Zeina has made appearances on numerous entertainment programs in the Gulf region as a radio and TV personality. She presently hosts Property Talks with Zeina, an Instagram real estate show.

Her net worth is estimated to be $310,000, according to Arabian Business, given that a CEO of Zeina's caliber in Dubai would make about $300,000 annually and that her social media popularity would generate additional income.

Farhana Bodi-$380,000

According to Gulf News, Farhana Bodi is a content producer and social media influencer. She founded I Am Woman Of The World, an events and lifestyle business that links clients with brands. By working as a makeup artist and a model at the age of 19, Farhana launched her professional career and got a taste of the fashion world, according to The Cinemaholic.

Given her large following and connections, she probably makes roughly $10,000 for every sponsored social media post. Additionally, The Cinemaholic reports that Farhana's revenue from I Am Woman Of The World, which brings in at least $50,000 annually for her, and her expertise as a model together account for at least $50,000 of her annual income. Hence, she has an estimated net worth of $380,000.

Kris Fade-$1.3m

Kris Fade is the founder of Fade Fit, a healthy snack company that has grown to be a multimillion-dollar enterprise. According to The Cinemaholic, he also invested in Enhance Fitness, a fitness trainer rental firm that has experienced exponential growth and is still profitable.

According to Out & About Mag, Fade is well known for hosting the Kris Fade Show, the most popular radio program in Dubai, on Virgin Radio Dubai. He probably makes close to $5,500 every month being one of the best radio entertainers in the area. Meanwhile, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.3 million given his numerous business endeavors.

DJ Bliss-$850,000

The only member of the Dubai Bling cast who was born and raised in the city of Dubai is DJ Bliss, whose true name is Marwan Parham Al Awadhi. Bliss initially sought a job with a significant cigarette corporation, but ultimately discovered his true calling was in the music business. Bliss was able to secure a guest DJ role for Radio 1 Dubai on and while still a student at Dubai Polytechnic College. He acquired popularity swiftly and was given the opportunity to host the breakfast program in 2006.

Bliss, a well-known DJ, established his own business, Bliss Inc. Entertainment, in 2010. Bliss began hiring the hottest international DJs by the late 2000s, including Mos Def and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Sources claim that his estimated net worth is $850,000.

Lojain Omran-$800,000

Mashable Middle East describes Lojain Omran as Saudi Arabia's most wanted influencer. She is a supporter of humanitarian causes and a television personality. According to The Cinemaholic, Lojain made her television debut in 2004 as the host of The Situation With Lojain. She experienced a significant career turning point because of her work on MBC1's Good Morning Arabs, which helped her gain significant prominence and a sizable social media following.

Lojain appeared on Gulf Business' 2018 Arab Power List as well as Forbes' 2017 list of the 100 Arab Celebrities. According to sources, Lojain is expected to mostly rely on her social media posts for money. Her estimated net worth is $800,000, based on the amount of money she receives for each sponsored Instagram or TikTok post.

Ebraheem Al Samadi-$50 million

According to Entrepreneur Middle East, Ebraheem Al Samadi started his first business when he was 14 years old out of his mother's Florida apartment. He founded Forever Rose and the Forever Rose Cafe and is currently its CEO. It is claimed that the business offers the only original 100% Natural Long Lasting Rose.

In order to increase his financial success, Ebraheem made a number of wise business decisions throughout the years, investing in companies like My Imenso and Wired Up. According to Arabian Business, his collection of firms earned $22.5 million in revenue in 2021. Embraheem, the richest cast member on Dubai Bling, with a net worth that is close to $50 million when all of his profitable business endeavors are taken into account.

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