Who Killed Dushane in Top Boy? How Did He Die? Reddit Update!

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Who Killed Dushane in Top Boy? How Did He Die? Reddit Update! blurred-reality.com

In Netflix’s Top Boy, Sully killed Dushane after discovering he was stealing drugs from him. As Reddit users inquired, Dushane dies after Sully shoots him.

Netflix‘s Top Boy follows a power battle in east London, where multiple gangs compete to become the most powerful in the sector. Dushane is the Summerhouse gang’s leader, and all he’s ever wanted is to be the top lad.

However, all that power and money comes at a price, which Dushane pays in the show’s final season. He is divided between seeking a calm life and the pull of the world he believes he has always belonged to. Tragically, he was shot to death in the final season. So, who killed Dushane? Here is everything you need to know.

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Top Boy: Sully Killed Dushane After He Stole His Drugs!

Sully killed Dushane in Top Boy when realized his old nemesis was responsible for the heist. It all happens when they get into a shootout in which Junior is killed before Sully shoots Dushane, who bled out as they confront each other for the final time.

Leaving the gang was an excellent opportunity for Dushane to distance himself from the criminal life and settle into the kind of life he’d envisioned with Shelley. He’d get his cut from Sully without ever getting his hands dirty again. He then loses all the money he planned to put into Shelley’s firm. This flips him, and he’s back on the path of murder and mayhem.

Sully shot Dushane when her was stealing his drugs. blurred-reality.comSully shot Dushane when he was stealing his drugs.
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Dushane orders Jeffery to track down Lizzie, but when he fails, he becomes enraged and murders him. He instructs his lawyer to assign someone responsible for locating Lizzie, who has fled to Ireland. It will take more time and money, both of which he lacks, to catch her and recover any remaining funds. The detective sets out to find Lizzie but finds his prints all over Jeffery’s house and body.

So, Dushane’s lawyer encourages him to leave the country if he does not want to go to prison, but doing so without being detected will cost extra money. The lawyer locates a man who can assist Dushane, who is hiding in his mother’s house. The man makes it plain that he requires payment in advance. He will abandon Dushane to his fate if he does not have it.

With no other options available, Dushane seizes his one chance. Jaq had already stolen the pills from Sully’s safe house. She chooses to return the drugs after realizing that making an enemy of Sully is not a good idea. She requests to meet him in the Summerhouse community center, but Dushane intercepts her before she can get Sully.

He snatches the drugs from her and flees. He intends to utilize drugs worth millions of dollars to fund his escape from the nation. When Sully realizes that Dushane has fled with the pills, he pursues him.

Eventually, Sully catches up with Dushane. When the latter tries to climb a gate, Sully shoots him down, wondering why he would try to steal the drugs. Dushane explains that he needed to go but couldn’t tell Sully since their relationship had become so strained that he couldn’t trust him. Dushane dies on the spot.

Later, Sully realizes how bad things have gone between them at this point. He is devastated, especially after seeing Dushane’s lifeless body. He takes the drugs and then abandons his friend, who is dead at the gate.

What Happens to Jaq in the Final Episode of Top Boy Season 5?

In Netflix’s Top Boy, Jaq is a constant presence in the gang, regardless of whether Sully or Dushane is the boss. Everyone loved and admired her, and she was most importantly trusted. He always tries to do the right thing by her family and friends, which is why her sister’s death breaks her heart.

Jaq was still alive at the end of the season finale. blurred-reality.comJaq was still alive at the end of the season finale.
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Later, Jaq discovers that Lauryn had been using the same drugs that his group was dispensing on the streets. He chooses to do what she believes is right after realizing she played a role in her sister’s death. She steals the medications from Sully without considering what she will do with them.

When Jaq realizes how foolish she is to think she could steal from Sully and get away with it, she chooses to return the drugs. Her only concern right now is the protection of her family, particularly her nephew. It’s unclear whether she had Sully slain to assure their protection, but one thing is certain.

Jaq wouldn’t want to go back into the business again. She saw what drugs had done to her sister and didn’t want her nephew to grow up in the same environment.  She doesn’t want him to lead the same life she did, just to lose him to it.

So, even if both Sully and Dushane are no longer alive, we feel Jaq made the decision to leave this life behind and settle down with Becks in a more serene life.

Top Boy is now streaming on Netflix.

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