Is Jasmine Jobson Gay? Does She Have a Boyfriend or Husband (Spouse)?

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Is Jasmine Jobson Gay? Does She Have a Boyfriend or Husband (Spouse)?

People wonder if Jasmine Jobson is gay like her character, Jaq, in Top Boy. However, she has not clarified her sexuality yet. Similarly, she has not shared any info about her possible boyfriend or husband (spouse).

Top Boy on Netflix, which recently returned for its final season, centers on two London drug traffickers who operate on the Summerhouse housing estate in Hackey. Dushane and Sully, who have been attempting to take over the region for a very long time, are the story’s protagonists.

Rapper Drake revived Ronan Bennett‘s series once it began broadcasting on Channel 4 in 2017, giving the serial and a slew of other performers a new lease of life. Actress Jasmine Jobson gained the chance and catapulted to popularity thanks to her electrifying performances in the highly regarded series.

Since she plays the role of gay drug dealer Jaq Lawrence in the series, many people have been curious to know if she is gay in real life. Similarly, they also wonder if he has a boyfriend or a husband. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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People Wonder if Jasmine Jobson Is Gay Like Her Character in Top Boy!

Jasmine Jobson (@jasminejobson) has played the role of gay drug dealer, Jaq, in Top Boy so well that many viewers wonder if she is gay in real life. However, the 28-year-old actress has never given a statement about her sexuality.

Therefore, it is nearly impossible for us to assert anything about the actress’ sexuality without official confirmation from the actress herself. We have to be very careful since sexuality is a very sensitive subject.

It's unknown if Jasmine Jobson is gay or straight. blurred-reality.comIt’s unknown if Jasmine Jobson is gay or straight.
Image Source: Instagram

However, we did our research. It appears she is far away from her character outside of the show. As a result, we believe she is not gay. Nevertheless. we will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates.

Does Jasmine Jobson Have a Boyfriend or a Husband?

Just like her sexuality, no information is available about Jasmine Jobson‘s boyfriend. However, we’re sure she does not have a husband (spouse) as she has never been married.

Jasmine Jobson does not appear to have a boyfriend or a husband. blurred-reality.comJasmine Jobson does not appear to have a boyfriend or a husband.
Image Source: Instagram

Her Instagram profile does not show any sign of her possible romance. It appears she is very private when it comes to her personal life. Thus, we can assume the Jaq actress is currently focused on her career.

More About Jasmine Jobson!

Jasmine Jobson was born in 1995 to an Irish-Greek Cypriot mother and a Jamaican father. She requested to be placed in the UK foster care system after briefly living with her parents, followed by her grandmother and described it as the “best thing I ever did” in a 2021 interview with Adobe.

She resided in Westminster throughout her late adolescent years while being looked after by a woman named Valerie. After completing her GCSEs, Jobson joined the Big House Theatre Company and participated in their 12-week acting program.

She gradually attained a number of parts in short films and cameos on television, but she was “heartbroken” as she was passed up for a Star Wars role back in 2014. Her life was forever altered in 2019 when she received her big break as the gay drug dealer Jaq in the Netflix Top Boy reboot.

Jasmine Jobson, who is now in her third season of the hit British series, has received two BAFTA nominations for Best Supporting Actress in her role as Jaq, has appeared in the Sundance Film Festival as the lead character Lily in the feature film Surge, and has been named to Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 list for her contribution to European entertainment. She also played a key role in Noughts + Crosses, a BBC adaptation, in its second season.