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On September 15, 2023 By Allan Ivanov

Who Killed Dushane in Top Boy? How Did He Die? Reddit Update!

In Netflix's Top Boy, Sully killed Dushane after discovering he was stealing drugs from him. As Reddit users inquired, Dushane...
On September 14, 2023 By Smith Wilson

Is Jasmine Jobson Gay? Does She Have a Boyfriend or Husband (Spouse)?

People wonder if Jasmine Jobson is gay like her character, Jaq, in Top Boy. However, she has not clarified her...
On September 14, 2023 By Owen Weimann

Did Shone Romulus Have a Stroke in Real Life? Why Did the Dris Actor Leave Top Boy?

It's unknown if Shone Romulus had a stroke in real life like his character, Dris, on Top Boy. However, many...
On September 14, 2023 By Natalia Romanova

Jasmine Jobson’s Skin: What Happened to Her?

Jasmine Jobson started dealing with a skin condition named Psoriasis when she was just 16 years old. Multiple scars can...
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