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What Is a Siren in Wednesday? What Are They in Mythology? Know About This Mythical Creature’s Song!

Nov 29, 2022 @ 2:55 EST
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What Is a Siren in Wednesday? What Are They in Mythology? Know About This Mythical Creature’s Song!

Sirens from Netflix's Wednesday are one of the major species at Nevermore Academy who are very much powerful and can adopt human appearance while they're on land and have a mermaidish tail while they're on the water. Additionally, their songs can hypnotize anyone and make them do something against their will. Meanwhile, they were mostly depicted as women who symbolized dangerous temptations in mythology.

Wednesday is a Netflix original comedy horror series created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar based on the character of Wednesday Addams from the legendary Addams Family franchise created by cartoonist Charles Addams. Critics and viewers alike have given Wednesday mediocre to excellent reviews so far, applauding Jenna Ortega's portrayal of the show's gloomy title character.

Monsters, horrible ghouls, and creatures of the night rule Nevermore society, and Wednesday is just one of many otherworldly creatures who call Nevermore Academy home. One of them is Sirens. The mythical creatures make up one of the critical cliques on campus and are featured in the show as part of the Nevermore line-up. But they aren't as frequently examined as their werewolf and vampire counterparts.

Since Sirens already exist in Mythology, many viewers of the show wonder if they are the same. On the other hand, some of the viewers are confused about what exactly they are. Well, we've got you all covered.

Additionally, we also touched on Thing and Principal Weems' actress.

Sirens in Wednesday Are Very Powerful Creatures That Can Adapt the Human Appearance When They’re on Land and Have a Mermaidish Tail While in the Water: Know About Their Song and What They Are According to Mythology!

In Netflix's Wednesday, Sirens are strong beings that adopt a totally human appearance when on land but acquire mermaidish tails when they enter the water, as was demonstrated during the sabotage of the boat race. They are recognized for their piercing blue eyes that resemble fish.

Sirens are introduced as one of four principal species at Nevermore Academy in the series, alongside werewolves, gorgons, and vampires. At Nevermore, sirens are able to "sing," and their song has manipulative effects on both humans and other species. This is how Bianca was accepted to Nevermore, and it's also why Xavier broke up with her in the semester before Wednesday Addams showed up at the school because he thought she was using her song to play with his emotions.

Interestingly, this is why Sirens wear trinkets that lessen the power of suggestion on other people, like the necklace Bianca wears around her neck. Her mother confesses that a man named Gideon is using her to establish a cult and that she is losing her Siren song abilities, therefore it appears that Sirens also experience the problem of their songs "drying up."

Since Bianca is the head of Nevermore Academy's Cappella group, there is a hint that upcoming seasons may examine why Sirens lose their song and cause Wednesday to reach an emotional breaking point. They may also decide whether to help Bianca in preserving her powers or cast her out as an outcast.

In mythology, the sirens evolved to symbolize dangerous temptation and throughout the Christian and medieval times, they were typically depicted as women. The physical similarity between mermaids and sirens is that both are claimed to have human-like upper bodies with fishtails. According to this mythology, this mythical creature occurred in Homer's poem, Odyssey, which describes how Odysseus protected his crewmates' lives from the monsters.

The species is also seen in Haitian, Caribbean, and Mayan traditions. Nevertheless, many legends portray sirens as being a part bird, half woman. Another contemporary portrayal of sirens was in Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, where the siren-like Talokanil used their mesmerizing songs to seduce mariners.

Every Species at Nevermore!

Without getting into the spoiler zone, there are four main groups that make up the various species in Nevermore Academy: Fangs (vampires), Furs (werewolves), Scales (sirens), and Stoners (gorgons). However, Nevermore Academy is also home to a wide range of other less common species, including psychics like Rowan, animators like Xavier, and electricians like Uncle Fester.

Some psychics, like Wednesday, have the capacity to perceive future events. Other psychic abilities include telekinesis and the capacity to communicate with animals. Although we never see a vampire fight on the show, vampires on Wednesday can walk around in direct sunlight without burning to a crisp. They do so while wearing sunglasses to protect their delicate eyes.

Gorgons can turn people into stone and have a head full of snakes, but Ajax discovers after glancing in a bathroom mirror that this impact only lasts a short while. As their names imply, shapeshifters and electricians are species with the capacity to alter their form and manage electricity, respectively.

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