What Happened to Ian on Workin’ Moms? Why Did Jenny’s Husband (Actor Dennis Andres) Leave the Show?

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What Happened to Ian on Workin’ Moms? Why Did Jenny’s Husband (Actor Dennis Andres) Leave the Show?

Viewers have been curious to know what happened to Ian (Jenny’s husband), played by Dennis Andres, as he has not been cast in the show after Season 4. Well, neither Dennis nor the creators have remarked anything about Ian’s disappearance. 

Workin’ Moms on Netflix follows the lives of five working women as they balance their relationships, professions, and parenting. The main protagonists of the series are portrayed as working mothers going through various stages of parenting. As a result, the show accomplishes its goal of giving viewers a thorough view of modern parenting.

The first season debuted on CBC Television in January 2017, and the second season in December. The third season debuted in January 2019, and a month later Netflix acquired the series’ streaming rights and made the first season available on its platform. Since then, we’ve seen that Workin’ Moms seasons have been added on Netflix sometime after they’ve finished airing.

After Season 4, many viewers have noticed that Jenny‘s husband, Ian, has not been cast in the show. Now that Season 7 has finished airing, there’s no indication of what happened to him on the show. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Ian, Played by Actor Dennis Andres, Has Not Been Cast on Workin’ Moms Since Season 5 of the Show!

If you’ve been following Workin’ Moms, you know that it has been a long time since Ian, the husband of Jenny and the father of Zoe Matthews, made his last appearance in the show. Since he was one of the favorite side characters of the show, many viewers wonder what actually happened to him.

Ian has not been in the show since Season 5.Ian has not been in the show since Season 5.
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Ian was a recurring character till the fourth season of the show. The last season he was on the show, he and Jenny split up. In fact, he gets an STD from sleeping with a new woman. All of a sudden, he disappeared from the show. And the creators didn’t even dare to update viewers about Ian’s whereabouts.

On the other hand, Dennis Andres (@denniscrandres), the actor who plays the role of Ian, has also not revealed anything about the topic. It seems the creators and Dennis have simply decided to not issue any updates about the character.

The role of Ian is played by actor Dennis Andres.The role of Ian is played by actor Dennis Andres.
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However, many viewers have still been questioning Ian’s disappearance online, especially on Reddit. One fan wrote:

I just finished the most recent season on Netflix and came on here to say this too! I’m bummed they didn’t update anything on him at all, but he was definitely more interesting and likable than Jenny

Similarly, another wrote,

I loved Ian. He was my favorite of the mom group. I really wish we saw him in season 5 instead of Jenny. 

Since the show is over now, we can assume the creators don’t plan to clarify what happened to Ian. We, however, promise that we’ll get back to you as soon as we get any updates about his disappearance.

Workin’ Moms Just Hit No. 3 on the Netflix Shows!

When one of the underrated shows on the Top 10 Netflix Shows list is finally poised to take off, it might be a pleasant surprise. It feels like today is just one of those days.

On Netflix’s list of the Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S. Today, the Canadian television series, Workin’ Moms, which released its seventh and final season on the streaming service yesterday (Wednesday, April 26), has climbed to the third position, according to tom’s guide. It’s also placed between two of the top Netflix series: Better Call Saul, which is ranked No. 2, and Beef, which is at No. 4.

Workin’ Moms is even off the critics’ radar because the show hasn’t received a Rotten Tomatoes rating since its debut. But now, a few weeks after the series finale aired on Canada’s CBC, the streaming audience has catapulted the show to this prominence.

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