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Vicki Rains Pearson From South Carolina: Age of the Missing Persons Unit Officer!

May 14, 2023 @ 4:52 EDT
Vicki Rains Pearson From South Carolina: Age of the Missing Persons Unit Officer!

Vicki Rains Pearson from South Carolina is a Missing Persons unit officer who leads the investigating team in Netflix's Missing: Dead or Alive. Talking about her age, she appears to be in her mid-40s.

Missing: Dead or Alive, the most recent entry in a stream of new true crime programming on Netflix, offers something entirely different. It follows a specific law enforcement squad in action rather than delving deeply into one case (and painstakingly researching a single culprit, along with their motivations, background, and victims).

The lead detectives of a South Carolina-based missing people team are followed by the audience as they work to solve the cases of Lorraine Garcia, Amirah Watson, David Taylor, and Sierra Stevens.

Leading the team of investigators, Vicki Rains Pearson has gained a lot of attention from the viewers. As a result, people want to know more about her, including her age. Well, we've got you covered.

Vicki Rains Pearson Is a South Carolina-Based Officer Who Currently Serves in the Missing Persons Unit!

Vicki Rains Pearson has been a center of attraction as many people are impressed by the way of her investigation. Thus, it comes without saying that people are interested to know more about the South Carolina-based officer. Talking about her age, she appears to be in her mid-40s.

Vicki Rains Pearson has been an officer for over 2 decades. Vicki Rains Pearson has been an officer for over 2 decades.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

According to The Cinemaholic, Vicki first became interested in helping others and solving mysteries when she was pretty young, but as she got older, her interests kept expanding in a variety of directions. Nevertheless, she ultimately decided to pursue a career in law enforcement after discovering that it was her true calling, despite her mother's pleadings for her to choose a far safer job in the medical sector of nursing. While girls were not encouraged to become officers, her "dad said, ‘If that’s what’s in your heart, then you should definitely go do it. Treat people fair, treat people right, and be safe.'"

Vicki Rains was able to start her career in Kansas in the late 1990s, and from there she bravely rose the police force's hierarchical ladder while simultaneously overcoming the constraints of her skill set. In the Netflix production, she says,

Then I moved to South Carolina. I used to work in Major Crimes, but I [recently] transferred to Missing Persons. I’m used to working cases where there’s a body. I’ve worked murders, kidnappings, [and more]. Nothing really surprises me. Yet the idea you can save someone before they come to harm? That’s why I want to work Missing Persons

Vicki really just wanted happy endings since she was unable to move on and let things go after spending nearly 20 years witnessing some of the most terrible crimes. According to her story on the show, it had actually started to affect her mental health, thus the hope that our Missing Persons unit offers was just what she needed to rediscover herself.

Even the best of the best can't always win, so every time life is lost in the case she's leading, she questions whether she really made the correct decision. She also added,

When you’re trying to find a missing person, their life depends on it…You do definitely have that burden of responsibility of the families counting on you, and then you do it to yourself… I thought about [leaving]. But I definitely want to stay. I really like saving lives. I just see those families, and I just can’t imagine not helping them.

Vicki Rains' current position as Missing Persons Investigator (Adult) with the Richland County Sheriff's Office – JP Smits oversees the juvenile investigations — is thus not surprising.

Vicki Rains still serves as the Missing Persons unit.Vicki Rains still serves in the Missing Persons unit in South Carolina.
Image Source: Facebook

Regarding Vicki Rains' personal life, even though we are aware that she is a family woman who still lives close to Columbia, South Carolina, it seems like she would want to keep certain information out of the public eye. She even has profiles on both Facebook and Instagram in her name, but she doesn't use either to keep her personal life as secretive as possible.

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